Best time for dinner at Be our Guest

I wonder which time is the best (least crowded, best overall experience) for dinner at BOG. Would it be when the restaurant first opens for dinner, right before closing, during fireworks, other…?
Thank you!

In my experience, as early as possible. They get super busy and get backed up. It’s not uncommon to arrive at your ADR on time to be told it’ll be an extra 15 minutes.

The food is really good. My only issues with BOG have been with delays that have extended my waits. I do attribute that to doing the dinner later in the evening - before the fireworks.

Welcome! Please ask anything and often!


Thank you so much! I will try for when it first opens.

I agree with darkmite2. Book an early dinner at BOG. We went for the first time this past May. We had a super late 9:40pm reservation which I was lucky to get at 75 days out. We checked in at exactly 9:40 and had to wait 15 min. Requested the room with the rose but were sat in the main dining room which was gorgeous. We though the music box room was pretty too. The restaurant was at 2/3 capacity but service was slow. We were still able to see greet the beast after our meal (we were the last ones). I personally wouldn’t repeat dining at BOG. The food wasn’t that great for the fixed price of over $60. There are too many other excellent dining venues to choose from.
Question for those more experienced: Does Belle ever show up at BOG?
I was disappointed not to see her.

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Yeah, I will probably just check BOG this one time and that will be it. We have never been, so we are excited. Thank you!

Didn’t mean to be too negative. BOG should be experienced once.

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We’re actually going at 4! Dinner right when it opens. Sounds crazy, but there will probably be no delays, will allow us to continue hanging out at the park, and probably a late night snack.

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The only character is Beast, and that is at supper. No Belle.

I don’t think Belle is ever there, just Beast for dinner.