Best time for BOG lunch

Our ADR window is opening soon! What would be the best time for a later lunch so as to not miss valueable touring time when many are eating AND to be touring when many have left the park to go back to their resorts?

I’d shot for the latest time you can get; don’t know off hand when they stop serving lunch there.

I believe they stop serving at 2:30. The Parade is at 2:00, which we like to catch at least once every trip. Ride times can be low during the parade, but keep in mind it’s really hard to get around especially in Frontierland before and during the parade. If you want to do the parade, I would try to eat at 12:30 to be done in time for the parade. If skipping the parade, you could do anytime after 1pm. If you do get a reservation, I would definitely recommend placing your order in advance. You get to skip all the lines and go straight in and find a seat. They bring your food to you at your table. If you don’t pre-order, they still bring it to your table, but you have to stand in line to place your order after you arrive, just like any quick service restaurant. Hope that helps! :slight_smile: