Best things at AK in the evening?

We will be at AK on Friday July 12, starting at 4 pm. We have FOP, EE, and Dino at 4, 5, 6. Plan to do FOTLK SB at 4 or 5 as well.

WWYD with the rest of the evening? Park close at 10 pm that night. Me, DH, DD8 and DS6. Obviously will try to get SD FPP, but since we are going later in the day, I don’t know if I can count on it that much.

Personally, I like to do NRJ just before close. I think it’s a great ride and the line is about 20 minutes. Far shorter than you’ll see at any other time of the day.


Noted. How was SD FPP selection later in the day there? Slim pickings? Or worth spending time refreshing?

while most recommend kilimanjaro safaris early in the morning (and i agree), i always also love a late evening ride through the savanna.

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Seems like there’s a lot of street activities in Africa between 5 & 7.

Are they worth visiting? Are they worth visiting after a day at a water park?

What kind of street activities? Like little shows, etc?

I don’t know how much of this is still going on, but here is the post from 3 years ago:

Finding Nemo show is nice. Not sure if it fits into the timing at all.

Oh cool, thanks! Didn’t know about this.

I’ve also wanted to check out the Discovery Island Carnivale after dark

Is Early Morning or Dusk better?

the dusk safari eludes me! i’ve only been early and late mornings as well as late evening. if a dusk ride can be timed perfectly, i’d give it a go! i’m sure you’d be able to see better and farther than in the late evening, which does lack some visibility. think about that light in the sky at dusk on a clear day. good stuff.

The evening safari is my personal favorite. The lions are active (and have even roared). The timing has to be perfect though because once it’s dark it’s hard to spot animals.

Pandora!!! I especially love being in Pandora and just chilling as the day turns into night. You can hear the noises change!!


Okay, perhaps an unpopular opinion here, but if you are up for a bit of cheese - I actually find Dinoland charming at night (I do not like it at all during the day, but think it shows best at night). The little carnival lights and games etc. get a bit of a nostalgic glow in the evening. My DH and I had a really fun time taking pictures at the photo stop there with the silly props, riding PW with the market lights glowing, and taking a ride on the triceratops. The games, I imagine, are a bit of fun too if you are willing to pay for them. It all felt very state fair…and I do love a state fair.

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I’m trying to figure out when to time it for our late November/early December trip…any recommendations?

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The noises change??

I look at when sunset is for the day of our visit and then aim to get a FPP about 30-40 minutes before that (just in case there is a little wait). Slightly earlier is better than later because if the sun has set it’s not nearly as great.


Awesome, thanks!

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Yep! Just like in nature on Earth there are different sounds between day and night - and transition sounds - there are the same on Pandora!

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