Best stroller to rent for 60lb child

So, we have a 60 lb child 6 yr old daughter that’s 45 inches tall. Planning to rent a stroller while there. Trying to decide between the Citi mini GT single, the double, or maybe even the Bob revolution single? We have a younger child that weighs 38 lbs, but planning to bring his Macleran single stroller for him, as we love it! I’ve never used the Citi minis or Bob strollers before but hear great things. Thoughts???

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We rented the Citi Mini GT double last year, and the larger child in it was our 6 year old who was 49 inches tall and probably 50 pounds. I was really impressed. The push was great, she was comfortable, and if I had been in the market for a stroller, I would’ve come home and bought one with no reservations.

We rented a Bob Revolution double for our trip. We have a 52 lb 8 yr old and a 38 lb 5 yr old. Some of our friend’s have Bob’s and recommended it.

We did a GT double for 4- and 6-year olds at it was perfect. (We did 2 Macleran singles once and it was a pain, since we sometimes split up but couldn’t send both kids with one person. We’ve rented doubles ever since.)

We did the bob

I guess I was tough - we stopped the strollers at WDW at 4 - one less thing to lug around.

We’ve rented the single City Mini GT before, for our then 6 year old Ben. We loved it. It folds really easily, and steers beautifully. I too would have bought one without any reservations. I owned a Phil and Ted Sport when Ben was younger and really liked it, but the City was far far better.

ETA - Ben was prob about 60lbs if not more when we rented the City - he was really comfortable in it and the sunshade is nice and big.

I was worried the City GT would not be roomy enough so I went with the City Elite. We haven’t gone yet so I can’t say whether it was the right decision or not.

Thanks so much for the responses & advice! Thinking we should definitely rent a double stroller, so we could split up if ever desired.