Best strategy for Wishes, MSEP and a few rides?

We are a party of 7 arriving to MK around 7 after a dinner ADR. We will be there Saturday sept 26.

What’s the best plan of action for seeing Wishes and MSEP, and getting on Pirates, Jungle Cruise, and Mine Train? We’ll be going back through the week but those are my must do’s for that might. We’re on property and planning on taking advantage of emh that night.

Also, where should we set up for Wishes and MSEP?

I would definitely get a fast pass for pirates, it is supposed to reopen on the 26th after a long time in refurb, so fast passes will be needed.

I kinda thought that would be the case.

Plugging everything in a touring plan this is what I get
Mine Train
Jungle Cruise

Will you try for 7DMT FP that night as well?

I wasn’t sure if I should do a TP for only a few hours, but it would make sense.

Yes, i was hoping I could snag a fp+ since it was later in the day. Should I just try to fp all 3, and then find good spots for the shows, or fp one of the shows and standby a ride?

As many times as we’ve been, this is our first time with fp+, it’s almost never at night, and never with a short window…so I don’t know what to do.

I would try for the three FPs, or decide if you want one for the parade or Wishes. I love 7DMT late at night!