Best Strategy for Hagrid’s Coaster?

Hey guys! I’m staying at Cabana Bay from June 20th to the 23rd and the only park with early admission will be Universal Studios and not Islands of adventure. Considering that my goal is to go to the Hagrid’s coaster as early as possible, what would the best strategy be: 1. Going at 8am to Uni Studios, getting in line for Hogwarts Express and crossing with the train when it opens at 9am OR 2. Arriving at 8am to the gates at islands of adventure and just do rope drop? Many thanks!!

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@josephmatt I would love to see this question in the mail bag!

I’ve gone for a potentially high-risk typically-me strategy. I’ve booked a VIP tour in the hope that it will include Hagrid’s coaster. It’s a lot of money to pay if it doesn’t!


Get there early and wear comfortable shoes.

Rope drop people always beat people getting the Hogwarts Express from the other park, to the best of my knowledge.


I think it would be better to go to IOA at rope drop than taking the train.

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Thanks guys! I’m def going to rope drop then :slight_smile:

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Just waving because I’ll be at UOR June 21-24, maybe I’ll see you in line for Hagrid’s.

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yay! I’ll be the first one in front of the gates for rope drop! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did the VIP tour work? Now that Universal announced they won’t be opening Hagrids in the morning, rope drop is out of question :frowning: so I’m seriously considering getting a VIP tour!

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I don’t know yet! Not going till the middle of next month.

Did the VIP trick work?

If Hagrid was on the VIP list, I’d pick it up

Yes. Both times. They do their best to get you on Hagrid. Obviously it’s not guaranteed, but they know it’s everyone’s priority. That being said, they seem to leave it till lunchtime, so you’re nervously looking at the weather during the morning, desperately hoping it won’t rain.