Best strategy for Anna nd Elsa meet n greet

Ok, i am probably asking something with a well known answer. We are in DLR 1st week of May. I am hoping maybe by March now crowds are actually dying down some for this meet n greet.

We dont really have 2 hours for 1 attraction. Has anyone figured out a plan to minimize the wait time for the Royal Welcome?


They have FPs for A&E. The stand-alone FP machines are located in DCA in front of Animation Academy which is where the meet’s located. If you have early entry, they’re distributed then too.

Good to know there’s a Fastpass for this! I can’t figure out how to add the A&E meet and greet to my touring plan. Am I missing something?

I too have this same question about adding the Anna and Elsa FP to my touring plan. Can’t find it anywhere. Did you ever figure it out?