Best Strategy for ADRs and priorities

I do have a TA but I’ve been reading in chat a lot of people being asked to save a cc for every meal. I was going to split the booking with the TA but now this sounds risky. What’s everyone’s experience and do you prefer app or browser?

What order should I book?

WCC dinner - 60
CP lunch +1
Coral Reef +2
Space Restaurant lunch +7
SciFi lunch - + 8
Artist’s Point - +9

Obviously the last 3 are the toughest but not sure about the order. Also, do I need to switch my EP and HS days to get a better chance with Space or is it fine they far out? SciFi is a slightly higher priority though.


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I’d do SciFi first because you could always try for lounge walkup at Space220
Then Artist point

And the rest just whenever

I don’t think I want to do the lounge with kids. I don’t think there’s anything they’d eat.

My understanding is that you can order anything from the regular menu in the lounge. It’s just not advertised that way.

So the lounge has reservations, or walkup, right? Do you have to wait in line for walkup?

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When I was there in August, the only walk-up was the bar or limited times for the restaurant. The Lounge was exclusively ADR. The Lounge was DEFINITELY harder to get because not everyone wants the big prix fixe menu required for the restaurant.

I think if you order from the restaurant menu in the lounge you have to do the prix-fixe but if you do just the lounge you can just get one or two things. Would the kids eat the sliders on the Lounge menu? I don’t know if they would allow mix and match - like kids order prix fixe and adults order lounge.

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When we were there the walk-up line were being seated at tables as well as the bar. It just depended where there was room.

We had a Lounge reservation but we’re told we could order anything we wanted. But if ordering from the restaurant menu it was prix fixe.

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Lounge tables or regular tables?

I just know the woman who was dealing with walk-ups when I was there in August said “We only have bar or restaurant. Lounge is reservations only” before she started talking with people to give them times. (I had my Lounge ADR.)

From what I understand lounge is harder than restaurants to get an ADR. I would go for a plan b restaurant then try for a walk up. How hard is it at +7?

We were in the Lounge, and the table next to us was a walk-up group. Possibly there was a late cancellation?

At 60 plus I usually use the browser from the restaurant page. MDE often doesn’t give me the plus 60.

Could be.

I still think that restaurant ADRs last a bit longer because of the prix fixe mandate for the restaurant.

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Are you asked for your credit card each time?