Best strategy at 8 am

I am trying to get a VGC for spring break and I am a year out of practice for the 8am game. Can you all advise me, is it better to “check availability” right at 8? Or to hit “continue” from a previously completed search?

I think I recall that “continuing” will tell me I am not yet at my 7 month mark.

Anyway, next time I will write my tips down, because I had success before. But of course now I can’t remeber!


IIRC I checked availability right at 8am. I had the search info loaded, then clicked check

Thanks! That’s what I did. I thought I remebered getting the message “you are to early” if you didn’t refresh the search at 8:00. I also shrunk the screen on my laptop to tiny so I wouldn’t have to scroll at all when the page loaded. Then I had my cursor hovering in the right spots while it was thinking and - I got it!

These are not my ideal dates, but they will work and I am in the door. They use more points than I would like, but I figure use them if you"ve got them. Maybe I will be able to modify the dates, maybe I won’t. Glad to have something!


That’s awesome! congrats on getting the reservation. It’s so stressful!