Best start for a 10 day trip?

We’re doing a 10 day trip, the last day is a complete write off, the first day we should be at the resort by 1pm but we don’t want to leave the resort until our room is ready. Our trip is in August.

Does anyone start with AK? We were considering a 430pm arrival wi5 a dinner reservation at Tiffins and the water lights show, and then squeezing in whatever we can of Pandora.

Would this be a good start with a 5 and 7 year old in tow? Or are we better off with a MK start?

Second dilemma, how long do we wait before putting HS into the itinerary? Should we be planning for this on the front end because of the difficulties in securing Star Wars related fast passes?

And I should add, we have hopper passes for 9 days.

You’ve got the luxury of time. 9 days with park hoppers - you’ll be able to get everything done and more. I’d relax on my first day. Tiffins and Rivers of Light, along with the Tree of Life, and a stroll through Pandora at night sounds fantastic! The most important part is to relax and enjoy it!

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I agree with @Disneydaddio. But also, for what it’s worth, the UG recommends NOT doing MK first with kids because it will be the most magical place for them and every other park may feel a bit of a let down after it…


I think your idea of AK at night. Sounds lovely!

We did Epcot on our first day with our boys (4 & 6). It was a nice way to start. More relaxed feel than MK or HS. Our youngest says “Epicot” is his favourite. Lots for young kids to do and most with shorter waits even without FPs. You also have 9 days so you could split the park and do half on this day and half another day.

I think you’d want an AK and HS day later in your trip to get those hard to get FPs like FOP. HS might not be as bad with the FP changes, but it can still be a long day if you want to get a BG for RotR. I would have two mornings available for HS so you can try again if you don’t get a BG. If you get it the first day you can always convert the second day to a resort day or water park.

This is what we’re doing - we get in at 10:30, so the plan is to head to AKL (where we’re staying) and drop the stuff off, grab some lunch, maybe swim, and then head to AK for the late afternoon. Do a Safari, Navi, maybe a show, and then head back to the hotel for dinner at Sanaa. The original plan was just to stay at the hotel but then I realized how cheap it would be to add a day so figured why not add a few park hours.

And it also gives you 3 more FP to play with!

That may or may not have played into the decision…:wink:

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You don’t state whether you are flying into the area or traveling a long distance. I will assume you are doing one of these so with kids that young, I’d avoid a park of arrival day, enjoy your resort, have an early dinner, and get in your pjs in prep for a good night’s sleep.


When our kids were that age, SOP was Hoop-Dee-Doo
and then back to the resort to relax.


What’s SOP?

Standard Operating Procedure

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