Best Spot to Watch The Amazing Spider-Man Show and Meeting Spider-Man

Hi there. I have tried to find my answer to this question on google as I know I read about it at some point but now I cannot find the information. Where is the best spot to watch the Amazing Spider Man show? I’ve read he moves around alot but there’s one really good spot to watch the entire show.

Spider-Man does meet and greet afterwards right? How long should we expect to wait? Just trying to add this to my TP.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: This group is always so helpful!

I really don’t think there is a spot that you would be able to see him the whole time.

On our recent trip we watched twice to be able to see it all.

On one of our viewings he did not. I think he usually does but be aware that sometimes he doesn’t.

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In theory yes. But we’ve watched the show at least 10 times trying to queue up for the meet after and only once have they had him there meeting after. But it has been about a year since we last tried, so they could be back to having him meet regularly after the show.

You can get a good view of the majority of it watching as close to the entrance of Avengers Campus (where the arc reactor is) as the CM’s allow for viewing space. But they do keep a lot of that area open for walkways so you’ll want to mind where the CM’s are wanting you to stand so as not to be in where they want a walkway.

There will be a big crowd of people sitting and standing in the viewing area prior to the short show. Join the crowd and don’t block the walkway.

With that many Spider-Man fans in one spot at one time, I’d guess that would be one of the worst times to meet him. Are you rope dropping Avengers Campus during your trip? Stopping off on our way to Web-Slingers was the one time we’ve been able to meet him (and Dr Strange) quickly.

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