Best spot for multi-generation trip

I reserved a room at Poly for a trip next April. Me, DD DSIL and DGS 4 and almost 2. Now I am thinking I should have reserved something roomier. DD and I were really excited to stay on the monorail but reality is there may not be a lot of sleeping with all of us in one room disturbing each other.
What are Liners suggestions for places to stay. I am leaning towards a split stay maybe the majority in an AKL villa. Or is AoA easier to navigate the bus system? Am I overthinking?


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That seems like a perfect scenario for one of the AoA family suites.

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I agree it would be nice to stay on monorail line…AoA family suites definitely have the room though. Although there are also villa options at monorail resorts, if you’re willing to go up in $$ that much. What is a higher priority to you, more space, or location?

Poly does have some of the largest rooms…

I know everyone has different sleep/privacy preferences and maybe the 5 of you are accostumed to sharing a hotel room. If my family were doing something similar, we’d need at least a one bedroom or suite to have a comfortable stay. AoA or rent points from DVC would be my suggestion.

Stay at Bay Lake Tower, really roomy, and right off monorail… as well as walking distance to Magic Kingdom (7-8min walk).

Not knowing the full family dynamics etc are - which in some instances could necessitate an entire estate so that there is enough room. If everyone is fairly close (gets along etc) I would think Poly will be perfectly fine. As noted prior - they have larger rooms and the 2yr old will take up minimum space.

I do suggest that you try to keep the room as tidy as possible and make full use of the wardrobes, closet and put the suitcases out of the way to just have more room. For me I would much rather have 5 at POLY than a suite at AofA.

AKL is a wonderful resort - but the monorail has a special charm to it and you get the benefits of seeing the fireworks etc every evening if you wish. I think you will spend less time traveling and more time enjoying.

IF you plan more time at MK and EPCOT - stay at Poly. If you plan more time at AK or HS - then sure AKL.

I would however stay in those two as compared to AofA. AofA is perfectly nice - but can’t compare to the AKL or Poly IMHO.

Are you thinking about a one or two bedroom at AKL? I stayed with 3 generations- 3 adults and one toddler at AKL and Poly. It was much easier at Poly since the rooms allowed for more flexibility with the pack and play.

Price out a DVC rental on a 1BR unit.

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