Best sit down lunch at MK?

We did BOG last year. Should we do that again or is CRT a must do?
We have DS12 and DD10. Is the inside of the castle worth the $ and reportedly meh food? Princesses are cool but not a huge draw for our kids.
We will have 2 days planned at MK so could do both or somewhere else entirely.

I’m a fan of Skippers Canteen. My kids 12, and 7 like it as well. They are adventurous eaters.


Wow, I just checked out the their menu and it looks pretty awesome. Thinking we will take your suggestion, save our money and do Skipper Canteen on day 1 at MK. That was easy :wink:

I think you’ll really enjoy it @Chase1104 . Are you looking for any other recommendations for food? The last 6 trips to WDW have been mostly about the food for my family with half day park excursions. There are many amazing places to eat on property, and around Orlando.

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Yes, I would love any restaurant/food suggestions you have. We are all about good food! We have a ADR for lunch just about every day, pack our own snacks to save some $, and have dessert or something cheap/easy for dinner. We do not purchase a DDP.
Thanks so much in advance :blush:

LTT for lunch has long been my favorite. Looking forward to trying Skipper’s on my next trip.

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I was disappointed by CRT. I thought the food was relatively poor (for the high cost) and the whole thing was a conveyor belt operation that was over in under an hour. I wouldn’t do it again.

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Best dining we’ve had in disney in no particular order

Tiffins animal kingdom
Monsieur Paul, France, Epcot
Hollywood Brown Derby, Hollywood studios (request a booth table otherwise it’s a bit hectic on the main floor)

The Moroccan is good for lunch in epcot as well

Magic Kingdom - nowhere really food wise that we’ve tried but Crystal Palace was an ok buffet if you’ve got kids and want to sit down for lunch

Mythos in Universal is ok for lunch but it’s not comparable to the top three above

Universal city walk we enjoyed a great burger meal at cowfish and bob marleys was good for tasty food and atmosphere

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Thankyou, this input is great. We love our food!

We like the plaza. Solid food - not fantastic but good. Nice atmosphere and good people watching. Never been disappointed. Nothing “AWESOME” but a good solid lunch at a decent price

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LTT lunch is amazing.

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My favorite lunch while at MK is at Kona Cafe! It’s such an easy monorail ride or boat ride over there and much more relaxing than dining in the park. And it is usually a pretty easy ADR to get!


We decided on Skipper’s Canteen. I’ve heard good things, pictures of the food look great and they have vegan options.

Good call - we love it! :thumbsup: