Best signal at AOA for ROTR BG?

Headed to AOA at the end of April. First full day will be HS so we’ll be making our one attempt (I know, 1pm if necessary) to get a BG!
Anyone have success getting a BG at 7am on AOA Wi-Fi? Or a better place to trek to for signal?

I definitely am interested in any tips staying at AOA to get a BG. Going in May and will have two days to get BG.

Keep me updated on this, going this august and staying at AOA!

Will definitely let people know how it goes for us…but sure would think some Liners have some tips! (Hint hint)

I sat in my room at Pop last November on WiFi and got BG4. No issues at all.

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t want to overthink it but just read in the Unofficial Guide that the service can be spotty at AOA, so I’m glad to know your Wi-Fi experience was smooth!