Best section for AoA Cars Suite?

Hi all

Been watching the topics around room requests and preferences and wondering if I should? We have an AoA Cars Suite booked for December for 8 nights. Is there a particular area that’s better than others?
My ideal would be something quiet-ish, Orlando is our first stop of 20+ flying hours from Australia, so sleep will be a top priority!!
Any thoughts or advice appreciated :grin:

From a peace-and-quiet perspective, it’s probably hard to go too wrong anywhere in the Cars section, since you are away from the main pool area. We stayed in a north-facing room on the third floor of building 2, and never had any noise issues. The Cars pool is right there, but it is far less busy and less noisy than the main pool. An added bonus of a third or fourth floor, north facing room in building 2 is that you can see the Epcot fireworks out your window at night.