Best sandals

What are some good sandals to wear around Disney instead of sneakers? We are going beginning of August and I would much rather wear sandals. I see on websites they say crocs, oofos, sanuk, etc but the amazon reviews all say they are so slippery when they get wet and lets face it… it’s going to rain some while we are there. Thanks!!!

Keen are really comfortable. There are cuter sandals, but nothing more comfortable. Though I think they’re better looking than crocs or oofos.
Also not slippery.

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My favorites are my Birkenstock Mayari & my Keens (maybe Newport or Whisper?)

I like my Teva Terras. Good arch support. Open toes. Adjustable straps across the top of the foot near the toes, and also around the ankle, so they fit my narrow feet. I can go all day, lots of pavement pounding, but my feet don’t hurt. I’ve worn them during very wet, rainy days at WDW this week, and they’re not slippery. They don’t take long to dry.

Edit: Teva Verra, not Terra.

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Teva Tirra are great and lightweight and Keen Newport are more rugged like sneakers. That said I wore sneakers every full day because nothing supports or protects against blisters better than sneakers you’ve already got some miles on, alobg with really good socks. I still got a blister in a spot I’ve literally never had one before. Several days with 21k+ steps will do that!

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I love Noat sandals. They are fashionable, light weight, and very supportive and comfortable. I have worn them through Europe and at WDW in May.

I love this Brittany style.

Reef sandals! They have been my favorite flip flops for years but these sandals were amazing on my most recent trip. My feet didn’t hurt at all the entire week! They have a similar wear to crocs but more comfortable throughout the day and not slippery. If you have a wider foot you will have to break them in (depending on style). For these particular sandals I just threw them in the dryer and then wore them around the house in socks. They were perfect after that.


Keen Rose sandals are really cute! I have them in pure black and they’re nice enough to wear with dresses. They’re waterproof too.

I love my Birkenstock’s Mayaris, but you aren’t supposed to get the cork bed wet.

I wear Keen Whispers or Keen CNX Clearwater. As an added precaution, I also use foot glide on the tops and sides/heel of my foot to prevent blisters (not bottoms of feet or you will slide around in your shoes all day). They are awesome when there are rainstorms or water rides since they dry quickly. So comfy!

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I got a pair of Teva Sanborn sandals on a whim at DSW before our trip last year and they are amazing. So squishy and comfortable, they have ankle straps so they don’t slip, and they dry really fast when you get wet on a ride or in the rain. And while they’re not high fashion, they’re not hideous :joy:

I second Reefs. I usually carry a pair in my backpack and swap into them around dinner when my feet start getting tired.

I LOVE(d) my Chaco ZX/1s. I wore them everywhere - for the last 5+ years and they’ve held up fabulously. Until Friday, when they cracked in half! ACK. Hoping the warranty means they’ll fix 'em.

They were much, much more comfortable, for me, than sneakers.


I’m a huge Chacos fan. They are not for everyone, but I also find them more comfortable than sneakers.


I’ll third Reefs. I’ve tried so many different sandals, both cheap and outrageously expensive. Hated them all…until my Reefs! Super comfortable. I bought both a flip-flop style for just general in the yard or at the beach scenarios. But my main sandals are Reefs that have a heal strap and no strap that goes between the toes. I can wear them all day without any issues.

Only sad thing is that Reef stopped making the style I bought and so if/when I need to replace them, I’m going to have to start a new search. :frowning:

I love my croc capris. They were more comfy than tennis shoes.

I’m a Keen Newport girl. I think they are comfortable for long days in the parks, plus they do great on the water rides.

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We have been a Keen family for years and while they were ok, I found my kids never really liked wearing them (wouldn’t choose them) and they also take a long time to dry (as in putting on wet sandals the next morning, eww). I recently switched the whole family to Teva’s and we all love them. Much more comfortable and airy than our old Keen Newports. They dry quicker and the kids choose to put those on over flip flops and sneakers most days.

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