Best route Coronado to Disney Boardwalk

Best route to get from Coronado to Boardwalk for breakfast

Do you have your own car? I’d google directions at the time.

If you don’t have a car, hire an Uber. It’s a short distance but not one that you can use Disney transportation to get directly to and from.

The only realistic way to do it with Disney Tptransportation is bus to HS and walk/boat to the Boardwalk (path is on the right as you enter the park (near the street- on that side of the water) or the boat (once again on the right but you will see the dock on the other side of the water- across the path). As you enter HS the waterway on the right leads to the swan/dolphin, YC/BC, BW. It is faster to walk.

Uber would take you less than 10 minutes (once the car arrives, of course) and wouldn’t cost much.
Keep in mind, if you have kids, you’ll need car seats (provide your own, or get the service level that has them: