Best Rope Drop Strategies Spring Break

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Apologies if this has already been discussed a lot, but I need someone to break it down like I’m five years old… We’ll be in WDW 3/26-4/6 with a car, but are also fine with taking busses and Ubers. My question is, for each park, what are the best strategies for rope drop? Drive there an hour before, Uber somewhere nearby then walk, get a breakfast reservation nearby then walk, catch the bus an hour before…? My brain hurts.


Where are you staying? That can affect the answers.

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Walkers can arrive the earliest at MK, EP (IG entrance), HS. No one can really walk to AK.

It sounds like it’s often a toss-up between buses/rideshares/your own car at AK, HS, EP (main entrance) for which vehicle gets there first. Those three hold cars at the parking entrance until about 1 hr before park opening. Show up much ahead of that (15 min?) and they just tell you to keep driving around.

At MK, buses go directly to the MK parking lot, while cars go to the TTC, where you then have to take time to take monorail or ferry to MK. I think rideshares also drop off at TTC if you say you want to go to MK. MK tollbooths are like the other 3, opening about an hour early, otherwise drivers circle around until then.

Here’s the tricky part:
If you want to be a walker at MK/EP/HS, then you need to be dropped off/drive yourself and park at a nearby hotel. Most hotels won’t let you do that without an ADR, or maybe a mobile order but some places like CR are really strict on not even a mobile order. BUT: Swan/Dolphin let you get dropped off there, or park (daily charge but you can dine there and get it validated). You can also use rideshare and get dropped off at the Speedway gas station to walk to HS/EP (mostly for HS). If you’re going to EP (opens later than HS) you can also bus to HS then walk/boat/skyliner to EP to be like an early walker.

It all comes down to how early do you really really want to be there - one of the first few in line (walk)? Or some of the first cars/first buses and you still get there plenty early to do rides before opening? And at what cost/hardship - $$ rideshare/ADR or longer walks? Also bus vs your car - you can have masks off in your car and no waiting for bus to arrive, also do you want to drive/navigate or not, do you have small kids needing car seats?

So many factors. It’s a lot of personal preference. Yes, it’s clear as mud.
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Thank you @mkmuzzy! I have two teenagers so no car seats needed. It sounds like besides AK, ubering or driving to nearby location and walking is the option that will get us in the front of the line. However with MK, bussing would be the best option since an ADR would not be quick enough to get us to rope drop and a mobile order is not working anymore.

So to recap: AK-bus, MK-bus, HS-walk from hotel or gas station, EP-walk from hotel or HS? (It makes me wonder if we really need the rental car, but I still like the idea of having it this trip.)

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Driving last week to AK and HS: You have to pull along the side of the road until exactly 1 hr before opening time, when the security let’s you past. You then pull up to the parking gates. They opened at exactly :14 after, then you can pay and park


Welcome! @mkmuzzy summarized the pertinent information very nicely so I won’t repeat. There are several other recent threads discussing the ins and outs of AM arrivals as well. I am in the same boat as you, staying at ASMo but the following week. So please update with what you decide to do and how it works out! I am very curious how bus service will be at ASMo with it just reopening, and also how readily one can get an Uber/Lyft in the morning there. We had difficulty at AKL in February with a 20-25 minute wait to get an Uber at 7:15 AM. I had a rental car booked and was unsure if it made sense, but decided to start our trip one day earlier and then rental prices nearly tripled for the new dates, so moot point for us.

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Thanks! I’m not really new to the forum, just have never created my own topic before. :smile: I will definitely report back! I might do a trip report as we go if I can remember to. We’ve never stayed at ASMo so I’m excited! Having it be the only All Stars open, it will have a dedicated bus, so that’s a plus. Hope you have a great trip!

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