Best room or floor to request for BLT

If anyone has tips on the best room, floor, or area to request in Bay Lake Tower- please let me know! I will be staying in a 1 bedroom villa.

Best advice I received was to ask for a high floor. You’re staying in the one high rise on property. Everywhere else, I book ground floor (for patio and no wasting time with stairs/elevators). At BLT, it was great to look out as far as the eye could see.

We were on the 14th floor, lake view but were at the end closer to MK. Room 8406 (pics are on the room finder page). This was a studio but there are 1 bedrooms near it.


I agree. I like the higher floors too. We had a Lake View Studio but were able to watch the MK fireworks from our balcony.

In case you haven’t found it yet, you can check out the room numbers and any pictures posted here.


I was initially thinking about trying to get a room on the 5th floor, so I could avoid elevators to the contemporary. After seeing some of the views from higher floors, I might go with that. However, I have standard view room, so not sure if it’ll even benefit me.

We stayed in 7512 on the 5th floor with a standard view, and had a great view of the fireworks as well as could see the lake. I don’t recall seeing many standard view rooms above the 5th floor, so I’m not sure it’s possible to go higher. Use the room finder to check out what’s possible.

The elevators at BLT were pretty quick; I don’t recall waiting a lot.

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That’s the exact room I had requested! Glad to hear its a good one!

It’s my photo from last month on the Touring Plans room finder for that room. Probably the only complaint I had was that the dryer was pretty slow; had to hang our laundry out in the room. Oh, and there was nothing to store our leftover pizza in, so I had to buy some aluminum foil over at the Contemporary. I left it; not sure if Mousekeeping tossed it or left it in case someone else could use.