Best Roller Coasters for Beginners

Any suggestions?
My youngest is nervous about roller coasters but would like to try some of them on our upcoming trip. (She is fine with going upside down as long as the ride is smooth.) She is trying to be brave and I would love to have some idea of which coasters are good for “beginners.” She says she is afraid of falling, in her words.

And I just deleted the info because I realized you wee asking about universal lol.

Start with the Hippogriff RC. The dragons RC are near there. I think she will like rip ride rocket… Idk if that’s the name but the smoothest coaster I have ever ridden. That’s at US the others are at IOA. Oh and deft ride The Mummy.

Agree with the Hippogriff. Would add the Woody Woodpecker coaster. Even my DH who typically won’t ride coasters due to fear of heights will ride both of those. Hope she loves them!!

Thanks for the recommendations. I am really hoping she is up for Rid Ride Rocket although we may have to do ear plugs on that one as she isn’t a huge fan of loud music! I think it will be super cool to listen to the Muppets while riding a roller coaster assuming I can get the “secret” codes to work.

Thank you! I hope she loves them as well. It would be fun for her to discover that she is braver than she thinks!

Hippogriff & Woody Woodpecker are both gentle, and Gringotts is very mild by coaster standards. Next step up is Mummy. Rockit doesn’t actally go upside down but is still very intense for beginners.

It was a valiant effort I’m sure!

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate all of the great information that is available on this site!! We are at Universal in 18 days, joining the hordes for Spring Break. It should be a grand adventure!