Best ride videos?

Sort of spinning off the “nervous DS” thread: we’re going with friends that have a nervous DD. The rest of the kids are all boys and most of them daredevilish. We’d like to encourage our princess to ride with the whole group and her mom is in the “ride videos would help more than hurt” camp. Does anyone have any favorite videos? YouTube channels? I plan on prescreening and sending some links.

Thanks for help!

I love the iThemePark channel on YouTube. They have complete ride through a of - at this point, I think - all the rides. I refer friends to that channel all the time

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Thanks, I’ll check that one out!

Do they address disabilities? I just started watching Pammie Plus Parks she shows how to ride if you are disabled or plus sized.

Ithemepark is completely pov without any commentary. Unfortunately he hasn’t been posting much for the last year or so

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