Best restaurants in close proximity to WL

Our next trip, in a little over a year, will be a quick 4day stay at WL. We will limit our park attendance to MK only over the course of two days - one with an early start (RD) and one with a later start but an extended stay in the parks (including late EMH if applicable). The other two days will be resort-based, but may include DTD, resort touring, or other non-park on property adventures.

I am already researching where we might like to eat. Given these guidelines, give me your favorite 4 TS meals that we should not miss. GO!

Artist Point at WL
Sanaa at AKL
Anything at the GF


Jiko or Sanaa
Grand Floridian Cafe
Raglan Road
Artist Point

MK area: CG, 'Ohana, Kona, The Wave, probably something great at GF but I’ve never eaten there! The horror! And you have to eat at WCC right? AP too? ugh too hard.


Trails End at Ft. Wilderness has a great buffet. You can boat or walk there from WL.

Oh this IS too hard. We need more nights just to eat at all these great places!

Yeah, there are plenty of places… eating at resorts, especially deluxe resorts is my favorite thing to do at WDW lately. We generally leave the parks to go eat at a nearby resort now… the food is so much better generally.

WCC, Artist Point and Territory Lounge at WL are all excellent. We had a fantastic lunch at WCC early in the year and my daughter still talks about our waitress Jenny. Its a really cool place if you havent been.

At Contemporary Contempo Cafe is probably the best QS on property (Mara a close second) The Wave is great and Cali Grill is an experience all in itself with its excellent location adding to things.

Captain Crooks at Poly has just reopened with some changes so its worth checking out for a QS meal (can get Tonga Toast there too) The rest of Poly seems to be hit or miss with all the construction going on there this year.

at the Grand Floridian everything is really good there… but dont pass on the Grand Floridian Cafe, its a great lunch spot or even a easy place to just walk in and grab dinner. Usually minimum to no wait even tho they take your name and make you hold one of those beeper things. GF Cafe has one of the best burgers on property and the Grand Sandwich is awesome!!

Good luck! pretty much no matter which of those resorts you go to you will have a great meal!