Best restaurant from which to watch MK Fireworks?

What do you think is the best restaurant from which to watch MK Fireworks - one that also pipes in the music for the full experience?
I know that you can even do it from Contemporary, so your answer doesn’t have to be on MK property.

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We had supper one night at California Grill during Wishes. The meal was a nice experience, but I can’t speak for any other restaurants.

We never had the opportunity to watch it from a restaurant but had a nice view from the Tomorrow Land Terrace patio and a better view from the tables alongside the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. We had reservations for the fireworks show at the California Grill but after making our reservations at the 180 day mark…they changed the fireworks time and we had other plans by then.

I hear the CRT is an awesome place to watch it.

If you read my trip report from earlier in the week, there’s a picture of Wishes from Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower:

It isn’t a full on restaurant, but they do serve food:

But of course, the catch: you can only go there if you’re staying at BLT on DVC points.

You can go to TOTWL if you are DVC members staying on a member reservation on site. So points or a member cash reservation are both fine.

Except if you’re visiting on blackout days, then you do have to be staying at BLT.

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We were able to see wishes from narcosees on their balcony. They even pipe in the music.( It’s at the grand floridian hotel). I’ve heard that ohana at the Polynesian has great views too. I’m going to try to do that myself next time