Best resorts for Christmas decorations?

So…we weren’t planning on going back to Florida anytime soon since we just got back less than FOUR weeks ago from WDW but my DS9 was invited this last week to play in a baseball tourney at the ESPN Wide world of sports over new years! So we are heading back down to Orlando the last week of December. We will be driving since airfare is of course crazy. We got a great rate through the tournament on a 2 br villa at Regal Oaks, $159 per night, so we took it.
I thought about visiting HS to see Osborne lights or MK to see the castle lighting but looking at some of the wait times this week and crowd levels has nixed that idea which I am okay with.
In order to get some Disney fix I figured we could take advantage of seeing the resorts decorated for Christmas.
I snagged an ADR at 1900 PF for breakfast (may have to cancel it when the game schedule comes out though, no way of knowing until a week before the tourney what the game times will be). So we could start there to see the gingerbread house. Does CR have anything up for Christmas? What about AKL? Never been to AKL before so maybe this would be a good time to check it out. If anyone has any opinion on the best resorts to see let me know. We would be doing this on 12/30 or 12/31 and I assume decorations are still up at that time.

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Last December I booked a weekend trip and stayed at WL because I had heard that GF and WL were amazing at Christmas time. I also visited all the monorail resorts (the weekend before the Poly lobby opened) and the Epcot area resorts.

I did enjoy WL and GF was impressive but for overall theming I loved the Epcot area resorts, especially the way the BC/YC flowed into each other. AKL does have an amazing tree and if you have never visited it I think you would love that too.

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thanks! sounds like I can’t go wrong if I visit any of the deluxe resorts then! I have never been to beach club or yacht club so that could be fun too. What type of decorations do they have at those two? does one of them a carousel made out of chocolate or something? that sounds vaguely familiar to me.

The deluxe decorations are great. I think AK and WL are the best as the backdrop is so cool. Not a big fan of contemporary decorations - but they are still neat. GF is also great. I like when the do the decorations so they are “generous” Not that Christmas is everywhere - but it looks “gracious”

If you get a chance - check out the Gaylord Palm (off site) but they used to have awesome decorations and an ICE display that was cool (so to speak)

The Beach Club has a gingerbread carousel! You walk in and the smell is amazing! The Yacht Club has a model train with all Disney scenes. I could stand and watch for an hour! The BW also had a mini gingerbread house/store.

What was the drawing card for WL? I had never considered that before for Christmas Decorations. (We never hit WDW any other time of the year but Christmas - our favorite!)

I think Brian’s photo on this thread says it all! Wilderness Lodge Info

Thanks all. Excited to check some of these out!

Just returned from the Yacht Club. Here are some photos of the decorations:

Have a great trip!

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I love that train!

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