Best resort during Christmastime

Daydreaming of taking my kids at Christmastime. Considering pricing out a trip for December 2019. Don’t really care about SWGE. My son would like it but it won’t be worth it to face the crushing crowds should it be open by next Christmas and can hold off for the next trip.

What resorts are your favorite during the holidays? We will have done Poly and AKL prior to this trip. Am considering BC but open to other recommendations. Thanks!!

We stayed at Riverside during the holiday season, but did a resort hopping day to look at decorations. Hands down, Wilderness Lodge was the most themed, but we had a great time looking at the other resorts (AKL was also a stand out). We did the monorail loop and DD, 4 at the time, got to open the GF gingerbread shop! It was so cool. She still remembers that.

I prefer YC to BC at Christmas. I could sit and look at the Christmas train display in the lobby for hours. I agree, WL is a special place at Christmas.

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Oooo!! I hadn’t considered WL!

AKL, WL, and GF are definitely the most beautifully decorated. I’ve visited all three, have stayed at AKL, and will be staying at WL Dec 2019. Here is a link to a photo blog I did a few years ago:


Wilderness lodge was the most beautiful imo.

Oh, my DS would be totally into that. Is it in the YC lobby?

Yes! It is beautiful !

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GF, WL & AKL would be my 3 goto Xmas choices. All have wonderful lobbies that are decked out with giant trees and the Gingerbread House at GF is truly a sight to behold. I’ve always heard good things about BC/YC then as well, but haven’t visited…