Best resort dinner

Best resort or DS dinner with or without characters in terms of food?

Hello again!

California Grill. :relaxed:

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Thank you, trying to talk my husband in to a dinner on our first day or breakfast on our last day, so looking at all options :slight_smile:

Cali Grill is truly wonderful! Great view, great service, great food.

Not sure of your budget but we almost always share dishes or just get a few appetizers. I can’t wait to go back there.

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Hands down the best food is at Victoria and Albert’s at the GF. After that, my preferences are, in descending order: California Grill (CR), Jiko (AKL), Citrico’s (GF), Artists Point (WL), Narcoossee’s (GF), and Flying Fish (BW). I haven’t had a chance to try Yachtsman yet. For non-signature, Sanaa (AKL) is my hands-down favorite; Boma (AKL) is also good, if you’re into buffets. I had a very bad experience in the Wave (CR) and have no plans on returning, Kona was “OK”, but not as great as I was expecting from all the hype it gets.

At DS, Raglan Road is my overall favorite (and on my short list of favorites in all of WDW); excellent food and drink, and fun entertainment. The food at Morimoto’s is excellent, and it may be one of the prettiest restaurants in WDW.


Maybe I tried Cali Grill on an off night but I did not think my meal could compare to Jiko, Arist Point or Flying Fish. I also just did not enjoy Yachtman but I believe that was more about the service than the food.

Hi we have enjoyed Boma, Yachstman, Turf club and Boatwrights.
I did NOT enjoy Cal Grill, the server we had was RUDE and acted like we were interrupting his night.

Jiko was fantastic. Dinner was absolutely superb. I can’t speak personally about the other resort restaurants, but I have a friend who’s trying to eat at all the restaurants and recommends Cape May, Ohana, and Boma.

@bswan26 has a very good, comprehensive list there for you.