Best Resort Dining with Kids?

On our one day with no park planned, my family would like to visit a different resort and make an ADR at a resort restaurant. We’ve only been to the value resorts and would like to explore one of the nicer resorts while getting dinner. Our 9 and 11 year old aren’t very adventurous eaters…any suggestions for a fun resort/dinner combo?

Fun? Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge comes to mind. And the food there is quite good but “accessible” even for the non-adventurous eater.

Sanaa at AKL Kidani Village is great if you went early enough to see the savanna (daylight hours); the kids’ menu there is basic and the butter chicken is enjoyed by all members of my picky family

Grand Floridian Cafe has straightforward food that is good, and Grand Floridian is a nice resort to visit.

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GF Cafe or Kona Cafe for lunch? This will be an MK day and want to ride monorail to lunch before nap/break time at CR. We are already doing Wave and Chef Mickeys other days. I thought about Cali Grill, but don’t think it will be worth it with 3 littles in tow. So, which “cafe”? Or maybe just as important: which resort to explore for a few minutes if picking only one?

Agree with Whispering Canyon.
I’m sure someone will say Beaches and Cream, but the service is slooooow, ADRs are hard to get, and frankly I think it’s overrated.


You could always do Chef mickeys too! I know a lot of people don’t think it’s the best food, but my very picky eaters love it. (I think the food is average but everyone else is happy so I’m fine with it). And you can ride the monorail haha my DS6 was fascinated watching it go through while we ate.

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GF Cafe 100%. Kona has had a lot of mixed reviews lately and is one of the worst meals I’ve had on property.

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Yes to Whispering Canyon or Sanaa, for the reasons others mentioned. We loved both of those with kids. We also did Chef Mickeys and enjoyed the character interaction. We also loved the 1900 Park Fare; we went to a character meal both times. Disclaimer is that I went a couple years ago and I don’t know what the current offerings are at these restaurants, and what covid restrictions.

Is personally pick Kona but I am unfamiliar with the kid menu there and am choosing purely for selfish reasons

GF Cafe is going to have something for everyone

I believe 1900 PF is still shut

You did not say when you are going and it is not open back up but our favorite resort meal was Storybook Dining at Artist Point- Wilderness Lodge. The characters and the food presentation was by far the best of the places we went.

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Preteen kind of fun!!!

It’s still closed, you’re right.

Got my ADR for Whispering Canyons for our trip this morning. Sounds like the exact kind of place I was looking for…thanks everyone!


Overrated for sure… especially since the makeover.