Best Refillable water bottle for park touring?

Parents—what is a good refillable water bottle I can get for my kiddos for park touring? One where the spout can be covered? Doesn’t leak if thrown in a bag? Any ideas? Thanks!!

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We use Brita water bottles to help with the swampy taste. No leaks!

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Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles - Sports Camping Canteen 20 Oz. - Easy to Clean and Store

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We bought the squeezable Brita bottles.
Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle with 2 Filters BPA Free 2 Pack

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We bought the Brita bottles too. Worked well for us, but my 5yo needed someone to squeeze for him, or else sucked on the end which upset his siblings. They worked well.

Note there are not many water stations in the park. You need to go to a restaurant with soda fountains and ask for ice water, which they will give you in paper cups. Three cups generally filled two 20oz bottles.

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We like the Vapur collapsible bottles for the parks. They’re very lightweight and don’t take much more room than the water itself. My one caution is that they don’t work as well with young kids since water will come out if they squeeze the bottle. By 6 or so years old my kids had the dexterity to hold from the edges (or gently around the middle) once they were shown how.

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They are bulkier, but I really like Thermos water bottles. There’s a new design with a spout (not a straw, and don’t need to squeeze or suck) but the lid has a clip so it stays shut. They are well insulated and ice water stays cold for hours even in direct sun. If you will have a stroller or backpacks, they’re worth the space they take up.

Personally, I like refilling disposable bottles - that way we can toss if we want, or if need room, or get tired of bulk, etc. Or if it gets lost or left it’s not a big deal. I’ve carried all kinds of reusable bottles and this is just where I landed.

Contigo metal bottles. Ice at end of day so always cold. Working for us now!

I like Copco plastic water bottles that unscrew in the middle - really handy for dumping in the cups of ice water we grab from QS counters.

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Like a few others, I took one of the Brita water bottles last trip, but found that I didn’t use it much. Probably won’t bring it for this trip, especially since free cups of ice water are available everywhere.

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Not sure of your kids’ ages, but I bought these for outings/Disney with toddlers:

Pros: covered, kids can open easily, no issues with leaking, washes well in dishwasher

Cons: Straw doesn’t touch the bottom so can’t get the last bit of liquid, wish it held more overall

I really like the “handle” on the top and am planning to strap it to the stroller when we go to Disney so we don’t lose it :ok_hand:t2:

My kids use this one except the ones we have are disney themed and not covered. If you search, there are lots of colors/sizes. I think you can get these in store at Target as well. We love the spray feature for hot days!