Best reasonably priced Buffet

Quick question for you guide. I went to Disney last year and we ate at some good places. Tony’s was good. Tusker’s in AK, etc. Some places that I did not care for, like Crystal Palace and Pinocchio’s. We will be heading back this year with more people and I am the planning … yeah me I think. I am looking for a couple of good buffet’s so that I do not have to please everyone. Tusker’s was great but I do not want to pay for Character dinning this time around. Are there any in park buffets that you recommend I check out?

no sure of in park but have heard great things about Backyard BBQ haven’t been personally but hoping to next trip now Christmas 2018!

Backyard BBQ is one of the most expensive buffets.


Trail’s End at FW gets great reviews as having good food and great prices. Easy boat ride from MK. (Caveat: I’ve never been there.)

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Biergarten in the Germany pavilion at Epcot and Boma at AKL are the two good buffets I think of for non-character meals. We enjoyed both multiple times - reasonably priced may be in the eye of the beholder though. Biergarten is $33 for lunch and $40 for dinner for adults while Boma is $38 for adults at dinner. But both are very good and offer excellent choice in menu…

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Thank you! I looked at Boma and would like go however I do not know how to get there and back from the park. Would I have to get in my car and go offsite?

Great thanks! I am still getting use to the Disney speak. Can you please let me know what FW means?

Depends a little on where you’re coming from/going to - you could always just hop a bus from any park to AKL and then back to a park that still has bus service (or Disney Springs) operating and then to your resort. Or if you have a car, just drive to AKL and park there. The shortest hop to AKL is from AK so depending on your Animal Kingdom day, jumping over to Boma for dinner could work out well. AKL is also stunning to visit.

FW = Fort Wilderness - there’s a boat from the Magic Kingdom available to get to FW.

Thank you for your time. I am not sure I understand completely. If I am in AK, how do I get to AKL? It is connected to AK but not part of the park, right?

AK is near AKL, but you can’t walk there. The only DIS transportation to AKL is via the bus system. So you can just grab a bus to AKL from any of the parks or Disney Springs. Quickest would be to/from AKL but it may not be most efficient depending on the rest of your day and what you want to do.

If you have a car, you can drive there as well obviously and that’s going to be faster…

FW stands for fort wilderness

We loved Biergarten! It was a lot of fun. Did not care much for Boma.

Another vote for Trails End. Great food. I think cheapest buffet on property. Have done many times. Same food as hddr and more. Yum.

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Outside each park there is a directory of what buses go to what resort. Anyone can ride the buses. You do not have to stay at that resort.

So you can hop a bus from any park or fisney springs to akl. Jambo House has Boma.

For trails end the beat way is to catch a boat from the mk to fort wilderness.

Thank you guys! You are awesome!

BOMA - not cheap!, Trails End (very reasonable), Biergarten in EPCOT (although last time was not good at all)

Cape May is good too. I prefer the breakfast, but the dinner is also good. They rotate the main entrees from night to night. It’s at the Beach Club, which you can either walk to from Epcot (International Gateway) or take a bus to from one of the parks/Disney Springs.
The breakfast does have characters, but since it isn’t in the parks, it’s less $$.

The Wave at the Contemporary has an excellent breakfast buffet and it’s a great place to go before a day at MK, which you can then just walk to.

I think Trails End is the best value buffet on property.

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