Best Quick Service in Epcot?

I am planning a late morning ADR at Trattoria Al Forno then heading to Epcot (2nd Epcot day of 8 day trip) andstaying for Illuminations. What is a good counter/quick service to hit up at dinnertime?

our family splits up and the kids and I do Les Halles for sandwiches and macaroons in France while my husband has fish and chips and a Bass at Yorkshire Fish shop.


Yorkshire Fish and Chips, followed by Tangerine Cafe. Katsura is also good. Avoid Lotus Blossom and La Cantina.


Agree with the above suggestions. If you’re in FW instead of WS than Sunshine Seasons is quite good!

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Thankyou to all! I thought I had heard good things about the Yorkshire Fish Shop, and Sunshine Seasons too.

Ugh. La Cantina is SO BAD!!! :nauseated_face: