Best QS on the monorail loop

Bonus points for large, shareable portions! I’m looking to leave MK early one day and do a loop with dinner- dining along are MIL, DH, myself, DS2, and a baby

Bump :tada:

I haven’t been, but the one I’ve been eyeing to try is Captain Cooks at Polynesian.

I’ve also heard good things about Contempo Cafe.

Hopefully someone with first hand knowledge will pop in, but at least that gives you a couple to look at.

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Captain Cooks. No question.

I have also heard good reviews of Capt. Cooks and Contempo Cafe, haven’t been to either, tet.

Captain Cooks

well there certainly seems to be an agreement! Thanks for the input, everyone :slight_smile:

Captain cooks food was actually really good. I would however mention that if you have any allergy restrictions the staff was not friendly or knowledgeable regarding this (May have just been during our trip).

We were staying at the poly and ate there several times over our 8 day trip. By the last day we gave up and went back the Gasparillas at the GF where we had excellent help regarding ordering for food allergies.

Again, this may have just been our experience that week. Thought it was worth a mention in case you were dealing with ordering for allergies.

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