Best Problem Ever!

Ok, so I have the best “problem” ever, that I need help solving. I just booked flights for our trip in December. I know, it’s crazy early, but they were about half the price I expected to spend.

Anyway, we’re arriving in Orlando about 4 hours earlier than expected on a Friday night(6pm vs 10pm). And we’re leaving about 5 hours later than expected on the following Wednesday (5pm vs noon).

We’re doing a split stay - Boardwalk and then BLT. We’ve got 4 days of park tickets, and plan to go to MVMCP.

So, here’s where I need help. What do we do with that extra time? Do I move park days around slightly, so we get a morning at the park on our last day? Do I stick with 1 park per day, and go to Disney Springs on that last day?

wonderful problem :slight_smile: Is there a park that you’d like more time at, or an extra set of FPs? If so, I’d put that on Wed. It’s a minimal price difference from 4 to 5 day tickets and gives you 3 more FPs. I would plan hotel time for Fri night because it will already be late and planes are often delayed.

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Once you hit 4 days, adding days to your park ticket is relatively cheap (somewhere in the $15 to 20 a day per person per extra day) so that would be my first inclination. But Disney Springs has a lot to offer, particularly if you don’t have any time allocated there already and you can spend a lot of time “resort hopping” to get a feel for the other resorts on the monorail loop or around the Boardwalk where you can easily do that for a half day. And of course in December the resorts will be all decked out for the Holidays which is great if you’re into that…

Arriving at 6p doesn’t put you on property til 8p. I’d likely just go to bed and get a good night’s sleep and hit it hard the next day. Traveling exhausts me.

For the 5p departure, you could do a “half” day at AK. Or head to DS and have a nice big goodbye lunch. You’ll need to be leaving property between 2-3pm so it’s a good chunk of a day but not a whole day

I would sleep in and then do DS or if you have a car i would do I-Drive.

Hm, I hadn’t thought of that. We could possibly get 3 extra FPs, depending on the party fastpath rule. I doubt we’d need the extra 3 at MK. However, that would mean we’d only get the party at MK. Maybe that’s OK for this trip…

I really was thinking DS for a half day, either before our party or on our travel day.
But, an extra half day at a park wouldn’t be bad. I bought Undercover Tourist tickets. What’s the best way to add an extra day? Once we’re there already?

Oh the decisions!

Since you are doing parks, take advantage of that day to see the Monorail resorts, AK and WL all decorated for Christmas.

like @OBNurseNH said, 6PM flight arrival doesn’t put you on property in time, really, to do a park that evening. I’d suggest a late dining reservation, a show, or a dining show on your day of arrival - probably at a hotel and not a park. Examples could include Ohana (Poly), Flying Fish (Boardwalk), YeHaa Bob (POR), or Hoop-De-Do (Ft. Wilderness). All of these could be doable, provided you’re willing to catch a Lyft (or Uber) to get there - you’d have a tough time taking Disney Transport from your resort and being in time for the shows.

As for day of departure, it may depend on what time your Magical Express is picking you up. You can probably get in a morning at MK without too much trouble, as you’ll be departing from BLT and can walk back from the park. EPCOT might be OK if it’s a 3-hr pickup, but if they go back to 4 hrs before departure like last December, you’re going to be rushed at best to be back to BLT by 1PM. I wouldn’t recommend an extra morning in AK or HS on that timeline.

Alternately, Day of Departure would be a good day for a fun TS breakfast at one of the resorts, and then some resort hopping to see the decorations before you leave. with a 5PM flight, that is probably where I’d lean, personally.

Ok… more opinions?
Instead of spending a whole day at MK (Dec 9, probably), with a long resort break in the middle, I could split that day. Do the extras… resort hopping, DS, something, in the morning. Then head to the MVMCP at 4.
I could then take that extra ticket day and go to MK on our departure morning (Dec 12). It might make both days a little more relaxing to split that time up… maybe. Plus, there’s a chance for extra FP. I don’t really feel like we need them, but I won’t turn them down, either. :slight_smile:
HOWEVER, I’m guessing it would be unlikely for us to see the FoF parade on departure day, which means we’d have to totally miss it. I’d be bummed, but my daughter was FREAKED OUT last time we saw it. She hated those ravens. So, maybe it’s not terrible to skip it this time.

Second rearrangement question. I concur with everyone. Do nothing on Arrival Day but go to bed early. My original plan was to walk to HS mid-morning (Dec 8, CL 7). I was assuming we would have issues with TSL, though, so I wasn’t super happy with that plan. Then, we’d go to AK on Dec 11, CL4.
BUT… we could switch those. We could do AK on Dec 8, CL6… EMH? And then we could move HS to Dec 11, CL5. I’m not sold that one CL combo is better than the other. So, deciding factors may be that we can walk to HS on Dec 8 but not 11. We might have a better FP chance for FoP if AK is later, or a better chance for Slinky if HS is later.

Too many questions? Here’s what I really need to decide.
MK on one (long) day, or two halves?
AK vs HS, Dec 8 and Dec 11.

Thoughts, helpful, obsessive folks? THANKS!

I think your rearrangement (first question) makes it more stressful, not less, actually.

I can’t tackle the second one. I just woke up not long ago and am not caffeinated yet

I’m wondering what you are planning for day after MVMCP? You will likely be tired that morning. Maybe have that be your departure day (party on Tuesday night?) so you can take it easy and get a good meal DS or resort) before leaving?