Best Princess Character Meal

What is the best character meal for princesses? It will be for two 5 year-old girls. We can only do one so want to pick the best one. Can be in a park or at a resort. Thanks for your help!

Cinderella’s Royal Table is probably the hardest to get, because the room is so small. It’s probably the most intimate because of that. It’s the one that gets my vote. Akershus in Norway has better food from my experience, but the food at CRT isn’t bad.

For all of these, the characters come to your table and the interaction is fairly limited. We did ours with 6 YO twins.

Ok thanks our 180 days is this Thursday so hoping to figure it out quickly!

Our DD’s (age 4) favorite princess meal is Akershus breakfast, which we usually book for as late as possible (just after 11am) and treat it as brunch. It feels less formal than CRT, and we find that she gets a lot more character time. She also really gets a kick out of the 1900 Park Fare dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming plus the evil stepmother and stepsisters, who are absolutely charming and sooo funny! The breakfast at Trattoria , with Rapunzel, Flynn, Ariel and Prince Eric, is also good. The food is excellent!

I would probably check which princesses are their priority and take it from there. :slight_smile:


If meeting a lot of princesses is the priority, then probably Akershus or CRT. For great character interaction, definitely 1900 Park Fare. The stepfamily is fantastic! And it is one of the few spots to meet a prince.

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My girls 5 & 7 LOVE Akershus. We took them for the first time right before they turned 4 & 6 and it was seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Princess after Princess going to each table. They were jumping up and down like they were in front of the biggest celebrities in the world. And that is the reason we are about to embark on our 3rd annual trip. lol I should mention we have also done CRT for dinner each time, and it’s awesome. I would probably only do dinner since their star wishing ceremony is probably better at night since the lights sparkle. (And the girls throught they actually made the lights sparkle!) :slight_smile: If you can do both, go for it.

If you can get an 8AM ADR at Akershus (or at least get seated at 8AM), you can eat, meet all the princesses, and make it out in time to walk on Frozen Ever After and then meet Anna & Elsa. Works great if you want to save a Tier 1 FPP.

Thanks everyone I’m going to try for PPO breakfast at Akershus!

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The best Princess meal is the one I don’t have to go to… :slight_smile:

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