Best prices on Deluxe Accommodations

Hello All,
I’ve got an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity! My wife’s Grandmother wants to take my wife, two kids and I to WDW in February 2018!! But she wants to stay in a Deluxe accommodations for under $10k for 6 nights. I’m having trouble making it work with current prices within the Bubble. Any ideas out there for good deals outside WDW proper? I’ve also read on here from time to time about some Travel companies that offer additional room discounts?
I’m really not sure its possible but I’m trying to make it work!
Thanks in advance!!

I should clarify. It’s 6 nights, with DDP, and park hopper for $10k in Canadian dollars. That’s $7,950 USD. :slight_smile:
The best price I can find is Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge / Deluxe Studio (sleeps 5) for $8,882

Have you looked into renting DVC points? That is a good way to get a discount on Deluxe resorts.


I would contact Magical Vacations Travel for Agency Exclusive Offers. They are in the US but I’m sure they could find something in one of their Agency Exclusive Offers that would be in your budget and what your looking for. I contacted Darcy but she’s in the South here in the states. Go on their website and see what one of their offers are for that time frame. I’m seeing an offer for Feb18 and literally that’s the code under the tab Agency Exclusive Offers. Hope that helps!


@brklinck I did look into DVC points. They aren’t available for the time we’re looking for. Thanks!!

Thanks so much @cktba4him. I’ll look into it.

I wholeheartedly agree with @cktba4him. We booked an agency exclusive deal for the Polynesian (club level) for the week in between Christmas and New Years. Our agent was able to save us almost $1000 per room for a five night stay. AMAZING!

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First off - I think it is NUTS that one can’t take a WDW vacation and stay in a DELUXE for less than $10,000 for 5 people - just find that crazy - but that is a different topic.

However - Do definitely suggest RENTING points as a first option. As Feb is 6 months out - I am not sure what your options will be. Yes it is a lower crowd time - but high demand rent out 11 months out

I would also check sites like HOTELS.COM, Travelocity etc. I do think that - especially for Deluxe that purchasing things ala carte sometimes really helps in bringing down the price. Purchasing tickets from vendors like Undercover Tourist etc also help. We have rarely found any MEAL PLANS to be of benefit as well - so don’t normally worry about that part and pay $$

I would also suggest the Waldorf Astoria or Four Seasons if POSH is what you are going for (and hey - why not).

I am assuming that you checked with some of the DVC rental brokers - if they were not able help you out it could be because either the DVC resorts you were looking for were fully booked at that time or they did not have any owners lined up who were willing to rent points at that time.

You might want to look into a direct from owner rental. They can be more flexible in terms of finding what you are looking for and there often are owners who have confirmed bookings that they are looking to rent out. is a good place to start looking - their Rent/Trade board is at

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Thanks @brklinck. I’ve never tried this option before. I’ll give it a look! Thanks!!

Have you looked at the Swan/Dolphin? That’s pretty much the same (or possibly better) that most deluxes and you can walk. Just go to Starwood directly and check rates. You won’t get the Disney Dining Plan or Magical Express but it’s a fantastic location. Is your budget supposed to include airfare? If not, then this should be really, really easy to do for 10K.

I have. No availablity for family of 5. Thanks!

IMHO although the Swan / Dolphin is above a moderate. I would not put them at the same level as Deluxe. The location is great - but the hotels are mid level at best IMHO. They are less expensive than Delux though

Your best bet may be OFF SITE. Waldorf Astoria, Ritz, Hyatt Grand Cyprus

I’m looking into the Waldorf and the Ritz. Last time I checked They were both close to Grand Flo prices.
Have you stayed at either @Tigger613?

We’ve stayed at yacht club and swan and I saw nothing at the yacht club that would make me pay more money to stay there again tbh

We dine in the parks or boardwalk. The dolpin/swan pool complex is great and you get all the disney percs without the price

Our room was bigger than the one we got at yacht club and we had a balcony overlooking the lake at swan

We’ve also stayed at deluxe Universal and our rooms was bigger at swan

But being honest when in disney and universal we are barely in our rooms regardless. So it does depend what you are looking for.

We could have a $5000 dollar penthouse suite somewhere but wouldn’t stay in it long enough to benefit

Tbh I don’t think we sat on our balcony once at the swan as we never had any time

I can’t comment on other disney deluxe resorts like AKL etc but certainly the yacht club wasn’t anything different to swan to justify the extra outlay for us

I think they’ve all got very good restaurants but again I don’t know as we would rather dine in the parks and soak up the atmosphere

We also were impressed by the renaissance seaworld which is cheaper than both but 5 star. Short walk to seaworld and good location for discovery cove and shuttle to busch gardens

It’s better than disney deluxe IMO but cheaper and without the disney percs of course

But when we go to orlando we go for all the attractions not just disney so other hotels appeal for us at certain stages of the holiday

We do not few nights universal, a few nights seaworld/water parks and a few night disney. But we must be near epcot for the dining.

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Location, fastpasses in the parks and VIP stuff in parks plus great dining in parks more important to us than hotel room itself

But like I say swan room we had was bigger than universal deluxe and beach club. The theming of beach club not that great IMO

Renaissance seaworld better than both in terms of rooms

Disney deluxe aren’t really that deluxe from what I have seen?

Not compared to normal 5 star Hotels

For universal royal pacific, swan and renaissance seaworld we paid in full with avios points we collected

You can use Amex cards to collect avios on everything you buy

So saved ourselves a lot of money as well

I think swan/dolphin are the only disney properties that take avios hence why we tried them. But wouldn’t hesitate to stay their again as perfect spot for epcot and HS

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I haven’t stayed at either of these. Have Stayed at Ritz a few times elsewhere and they are very nice. Try the Four Season’s as well - that is in the Golden Oaks area. It is funny when we went in April a few years ago - the prices were much less. Interesting how the prices change at the time of year. I would have thought Feb would be low - but possibly not.

Good luck in your quest. What are your specific dates and is there flexibility? I looked for Feb in general and the pickins’ are thin for some reason

Thanks @interested. We’ve used points before to stay at Fairmont Hotels. Excellent 5 star locations around the world. With my Canadian credit card that’s the only 5star hotel that accepts those points.
Ia Avios a British points system?

Since writing this post I haven’t had much time to do research. I’m going to spend some time now and the Swan will be on my list. I appreciate you sharing your experience!

Look at renting points. I am looking at that for next year. Poly was $2000 less for a week.