Best Popcorn Buckets WDW 2022

Does anyone have a favorite popcorn bucket that’s available for sale this year? Where did you get it? My family likes popcorn, and I want to know where the cool ones are.

The only one that has really knocked my socks off is the MSEP one that’s available in DL


Or … not available, as the case may be. :roll_eyes: Been there twice and the first time was two days after it launched. Sold out.

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OK only sold at DLR

Definitely the Skyliner Bucket for me. We collect popcorn buckets, so gotta grab this one on our next trip.


That’s my favorite, from what I’ve seen so far. That one is in Epcot, right?

For anyone else with interest, I found this article:

Seems like it might be a luck of the draw thing, whatever we end up with, meaning whatever is in stock when we find a place to buy popcorn. Which seems kind of fun too. I REALLY like the train one out of all of the ones at this link (and Simba is a close second!).

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The Simba one is weird to me

Who wants to eat popcorn out of a dangly lion cub’s butt?

Saw them everywhere at WDW last month. Pass

Apparently me. It’s cute.


Oh sorry!

I didn’t mean to offend and didn’t realize you were posting that you liked those. I thought you were just sharing pics of what’s available!

Munch away!

Oh no! :rofl: Please don’t apologize. My reply sounds a little snippy I imagine (didn’t mean to)–I forget that you all don’t know me here.

Differing opinions make this forum fun. I can see your point, but I’ll betcha at least one of my girls would HAVE to have that one. They will eat popcorn out of anything (reasonable) anyway!

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LOVE the Mickey!