Best Poncho?

it is time for me to begin packing! and now i’m curious as to what poncho everyone brings… do you bring throw away ones and use a new one every day? do you have a super sturdy one that doesn’t tear easily? Thanks in advance for your reply and help!

I buy the Coleman brand at Walmart. We hang them dry and repack them. They have lasted us several trips. Granted, we rarely need them but still when we have they have held up beautifully. We also occasionally use them at home when necessary.

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thanks so much!!

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The best poncho is the one you have with you. It should be light enough and compact enough that it’s not a burden or distraction (something that you can carry all day and never use and not be upset that you lugged it around for no reason). It should good enough to get the job done, but cheap enough to lose or damage without getting your feelings hurt. Anything that might make you err on the side of leaving it behind makes it a bad choice for WDW. The weather is just too unpredictable.

@paulleewatkins makes an excellent point. aside from the one time we ventured out knowing it would quite possibly result in a significant thunderstorm, I’ve been very happy with the $1 cheapo Dollar Tree throwaways.

We use sturdy Totes ones. I get them on Amazon. I tried the cheap throwaways once, but they were tearing at every turn and didn’t do a very good job of keeping us dry as a result. But I love the Totes ones.

Lawn bag. Tear a face hole, use once.

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You might consider both. Have cheap Dollar Tree versions with you on days where rain is predicted to be light. For days where rain is likely, bring a nicer poncho. This way you always have something with you for the pop up shower, but only need to lug a heavier duty one on days where rain is likely and a dollar poncho probably isn’t good enough.

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We usually buy some in a family pack from Amazon. I think they are 6 for about $14. They are a bit more durable than the dollar store variety but still pretty thin.
They have a drawstring in the hood and elastic at the ends of the arms. They are durable enough to last throughout the day, and the drawstring/elastic helps to keep the rain out. Had thicker more durable ones that were good for multiple days one trip, but after first use, they took up a lot of room in the backpack.