Best plan of attack

Today was the day! FPP day! Trip is Sep 28th- Oct 6th.
I did my FPP this morning but I only managed to snag FoP for my must do rides. Any advice on how I should go about 7DMT and SDD? We are doing MNSSHP on Sun the 29th. Try my luck for 7DMT then or do rope drop? SDD rope drop?


I would just keep modifying and you could probably find a 7DMT. SDD will be harder but it can happen. I did FPP this past Sunday and there was no 7DMT to be had, but later in the day I just happened to get back on and scored one for an afternoon time. Not what I wanted but I have it and I will keep trying to modify it to a better time. Otherwise we may try to rope drop since I think 7am EMH rope drop has to be better than a 8am regular opening rope drop. :slight_smile:

mine was today too:) we are staying sept 28th through Oct 5th. Doing MNSSHP on sunday the 29th as well ~ We are doing 3 MK days so got SDMR on our other 2 days - we didnt get FOP at all or SDD - so going to rope drop or try for the SD drop times. Got pretty much everything else though :slight_smile:

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We will probably see each other then, I’ll be the girl with bright red hair getting mistaken for Ariel all day :joy::joy:

I was on there earlier and thought saw SDD but it was gone as soon as I clicked on it :roll_eyes: but I will keep checking back!

will definitely look for you! :smile:

we are doing:
9/29 - MK
9/30 - AK
10/1 - HS
10/2 - MK
10/3 - EP
10/4 - MK

We are doing
9/28- Disney Springs
10-3 & 10-4 Universal
10/5 is a free day and I just so happened to look on there for FPP and 7DMT & SDD have some available so I did SDD early! I will keep trying to modify for 7D or try during MNSSHP

According to this site, there’s availability for those rides later in your trip. This site checks for 2 or 4 people, so if you have larger groups, consider doing a FPP+ group of four at a time, or even 2, for maximum availability.

I was one of those unlucky people doing a split stay off property then on, so I was only able to get 7DMT, not SDD. I’ve been checking that site a lot and any time a SDD one opens, it’s gone fast. However, I was able to get an extra 7DMT one after I saw it was available on there. It’s a good tool for that when you’re looking for availability. Important to note that it only updates every half hour or so.

Edited to add: I just saw your dates in the above post, so I can see why you didn’t find FPP+. But checking this site might still help!

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Thank you!

I like Trojan Horse as a best plannof attack. They never saw it coming, you know??

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so true, so true

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