Best plan for short trip during MNSSHP and F&W

I think many of you know I am taking my sister for her first trip this fall, just she and I. We will have 4 1/2 days and will be doing MNSSHP. Trip is Oct. 31st (arriving night before so can so RD) until noon on Nov. 4th. Going to party on the 31st. How would you spend the rest of the trip? I want her to see as many things as possible but also enjoy F&W a little. We will be at the Swan and have park hopper. Only ADRs are 8:25am CP on Nov. 2 and Ohana at 5pm on Nov. 3. Willing to change either. For logistics I think we will do last half day in Future World or at DHS.
Bored this evening? Feel free to help plan my park days. :wink:

Don’t know that I can help, but we’re there the same time so I almost have the park schedule and crowd calendar for your dates memorized!
I’m traveling with DS15 abd DS12 who insist on a water park day, so I don’t think you would want to use our plan. But at least their BB day will let us sleep a little later after going to MNSSHP the night before!
Maybe we’ll see you on Halloween!

@TiggersFriend We are going to try one of the water parks next Summer, that sounds like fun. I think I am going to take advantage of as many EMHs as we can. That was my original plan. Just not sure if it will be too much to hit rope drop at AK or HS on the 31st, come back and rest and then get ready and head our to MNSSHP. I don’t want to give up the whole day of possible touring but also don’t want to be too wiped out later in the day.