Best places to eat in Epcot?

My group will be in WDW in less than 2 weeks! Yay! We have all of our plans pretty well finalized, EXCEPT where to eat dinner at Epcot. What are some of the best places to eat there that do NOT require an ADR? We just want to be able to walk in and wait for a table so we’re not tied to a reservation time. GO!

Hopefully you can get into Biergarten with no reservation - it’s very high capacity, very entertaining, with a great buffet.


If you like Mediterranean food then Tangierine Cafe is always great for QS. It rarely draws a crowd because too many people are “afraid” of shawarma / lamb dishes.

Biergarten is also a good pick. An ADR is preferred, but not always needed - especially at lunch.


The norweigan sandwich @ Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (norway)
Les Halles in France is good (like norway a bit better though)
Seasons at the Land Pavillon

Went all places last Sept. Planning on hitting them again this august.

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Are you asking for Quick Service? Or Table Service where you don’t need an ADR?

Sunshine Seasons food court at the Land Pavilion has several great options. Also, there are so many restaurants at Epcot, you can get into most of them without an ADR. As long as you’re flexible, I think you can go almost anywhere at the last minute. It’s probably depends upon the size of your party, but I’ve never had trouble getting into a table service spot at Epcot.Of course, it may be different during Spring Break season.

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Tutto Gusto the wine bar/restaurant in Italy doesn’t require an ADR, is table service and has a nice little menu. It’s nice, dark, and cool in there too. It’s one of my favorite hidden gems.

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You’ll be there during Flower & Garden, take a stroll to eat around World Showcase!! Download the app:


We really enjoyed the sandwiches at Kringla, but the seating area is small. I liked the food at Les Halles but found it chaotic inside. The whole family can’t wait to return to Biergarten, we did have a reservation, though. Tangierine Cafe is good, and I have heard that you can sometimes be a walk up for Restaurant Marakesh.

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We really enjoy sampling food from all over but our last trip we did something different and booked a table at Spice Road - we only booked because we wanted a seat by the water for the fireworks but there were plenty of tables open inside for walk ups. Food was delicious & servers were great.

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Prefer Table Service, but a good Quick Service option is fine too

Probably for table service either Biergarten or Marrakesh.

You can always check My Disney Experience about the time you’re ready to eat to see availabilities.

You’ll be there for the Flower & Garden festival. Lots of amazing food booths! No need to bother with a restaurant, why not try lots of different tastes?

We were there last year for the festival, and I never noticed any food booths lol. Where are they located? Just outside of each country?

Here you go!

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Thank you! Do you know about how much it would cost to eat at any of these places? Just an average figure

See all prices listed in the link I just posted

I posted a pic of the app you should download, it has the prices too!

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I really like Tangierine Cafe a lot… its one of my favorites in EPCOT (regardless of QS or TS)

@Never_lands and @desire499mike I didn’t see any prices in the posted link, but I did look at the app from earlier, and it had the prices, thank you!