Best places for down time at MK?

I’m trying to decide if we can make it a whole day from 8-11 (plus getting out of the park). We have 8 and 11 year olds. We are staying offsite and they won’t nap, so not sure if it’s worth bothering going back to our rental house.

So, are there some good places to relax at MK for some down time? We are going in October (1st week), so I’m hoping it won’t be too hot.


A lot of people catch a quick nap in Carousel of Progress as well as the Hall of Presidents lol… There are benches all throughout the park and several are in “secluded” locations. I use that term loosely as there aren’t really any secluded locations in MK but some are a little quieter than others.

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Tom Saywer’s Island is a great adventure playground. Underground tunnels, a fort complete with escape tunnel, play areas, barrel bridge…

And you can sit and have a rest after exploring too. There’s seats and shade near the raft dock so you know they can’t get back without passing you!

It’s like a haven away from all things “Disney”, so they can come back to earth and calm down whilst still having loads of fun. The only question I have is why isn’t there a cafe over there? There’s a building that either used to be one or was built to seem like one, and the first time I went I really thought there would be juice and beverages etc.


The monorail resorts are great for a rest/nap too.


So, you just take a monorail to a resort and hang out there:) :slight_smile:

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Every trip. The resorts are fantastic.

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A great place is on the Walt Disney Railroad. I always go on it and often will ride it for a few times around the park, it is a great way to rest and relax along with being in the shade with a breeze. When my son was 20 months old and he was tired but wouldn’t go to sleep, I took him on the train while the other 2 went on rides. My son fell asleep before we reached the first stop and I went around for 6 times around the park, he woke up refreshed and ready to go.


Lots of my top choices already mentioned - I’ll also toss out the People Mover is a relatively good relaxing ride. Also don’t undersell just the monorail loop itself as a relaxing ride even if not getting off at a resort, if the monorails aren’t crowded at least.


Ah yes the People Mover! For the same reasons as the railroad, it’s a slow paced ride and gets a nice breeze. One of my favorites during a long exhausting day!

This is all good to know. We’ll be there that same week with a 10 year old. I’m planning on all day Wed at MK and wondered what to do for a little rest time- mainly for my husband! :slight_smile:

ADRs are another good way for a “forced” break as well. They get you inside in AC and sitting down off your feet for an hour easily. It’s a nice way to enjoy a decent meal while getting a break as well. When we toured without ADRs we always felt the pull to “eat fast so we can hurry to the next ride” which can make for a long day…

I like to relax in Fantasyland by the bathroom, near the wall where the whole wall has a bench. Also, ADRs are a good break for me. 60-90 minutes not on my feet is time well spent and well deserved. I did learn early on NOT to take off my shoes under the table. Not for the smell, but for the sheer pain you sometimes feel when you must put them on to leave! hehe

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