Best Places for Character Meets with lowest waits? What kind of waits to expect?

Hi there. What are the best places with the lowest waits to meet characters? I have been looking on thrill data for information for wait times for rides. I do see Meet Mickey at his house in DL on thrill data but I do not see any information on meet Pixar Pals at DCA. I also read on an article that “For ¡Viva Navidad!, you’ll be able to meet and greet with a few of your favorites all decked out in colorful, festive costumes. You can catch Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse here throughout the day meeting guests.” I don’t see anything on the app about this location. What are the waits like to meet Pixar Pals or even spiderman? I am trying to make a TP and would love to include these but need to make a “break” line item to include them and need to figure out how much time to allot for. We are going mid week during the off time of the Holiday season. Thanks y’all

That’s very difficult to estimate, since other than Mickey’s house they don’t have a permanent queue.

The season Viva Navidad version of Mickey and Minnie is basically in front of Goofy’s Sky School. Maybe assume 30 minutes?

Pixar Pals just kind of pop in and out. Mostly by the bandstand looking thing near Pal-a-Round or by Incredicoaster. For these and many other characters throughout both parks, I’d recommend just keeping your eyes open. Try to be flexible. Honestly the TPs are a very rough estimate at DLR anyway.

Thanks so much for that info. That is very helpful to know Pixar Pals just pop in and out as I assumed it was a set place to take photos with them.

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It is more of a set spot than a roaming character, but the times at DLR, even the published ones are never set & always subject to change.

There is a gazebo underneath Goofy’s Sky School, just next to the restrooms in that back corner of Paradise gardens and for the Festival of the Holidays Mickey, Minnie and the Three Caballeros usually take turns meeting there. Plan at least 30 min, those waits can get up to 45-60 min and the people who want to knock it out early will come at least 30 min. in advance to start waiting around before the 1st published time. They’re a popular meet!

Stalk the app on days that will be similar days of the week/operating schedules/price tier for 1-day tickets and keep track of what they’re willing to put into writing ahead of time and use those to generally plan. But, be ready to chuck any and all plans in the garbage chute day-of if/when they have totally different schedules/meets on the ground. But the bonus is that usually with DLR it’s more characters and to your benefit, it just might not be exactly the characters you’re looking for

If I’m taking the time to plan characters in advance for DLR, what I usually do is just make notes all over each step (for the rides, and meals/snacks) of what characters are in the area around that time and then I put in LOTS of buffer time as a break (~30 min every 2.5-3 hours) and make notes that that’s mop-up time for any character searching. There’s characters all over in DLR and they purposefully make it difficult to plan ahead for or keep a regular schedule so that it’s not always the same regular crowd that knows the ins & outs of the operation so planning for it can be helpful, but also really frustrating if you’re expecting them to stick to the schedule.

Yes, the Pixar Pals are a great find. Last time, it was in the evening and we found Sadness with no line. (Also how :face_holding_back_tears:) Since I have a teen, we tend not to wait in line, but I always take a moment with characters with no line.