Best places for a mid-afternoon park break?

We’re going to be touring for 7 days in December with DS9, DS7, and DD 5. We will almost certainly need so mid afternoon quiet time when lines get ridiculously long (maybe after a 1:00 TS meal). We’d really prefer not to ride the bus all the way back to the room because of the lost time (we’ll be at the Caribbean with its slow internal transportation). Are there any quiet places in the parks to chill and maybe catch a 30 minute nap? Would it be feasible to take the monorail from MK or Epcot to the lobby of one of the resorts and find a quiet corner there?

In EP the gardens in Japan and Canada are usually pretty quiet - and quite beautiful.; these are my go-to places if I need to escape for a bit.

So much has changed in DHS since I was last there, I’m not sure; The Echo Lake area is somewhat out of the main stream - but can get crowded 30 min before an Indiana Jones show starts.

In AK, the area near the Nemo theater is fairly quiet between shows (it gets very crowded about 30 min before show time. Actually, going into the show can be restful; cool and dark - and entertaining if the older kids don’t want to nap. The trails around the Tree of Life are also often pretty uncrowded.

I don’t know if there is a quiet place in MK. The walkway between FL and SM is usually not too crowded, but there is a smoking section there. Actually TSI might not be a bad idea either; not usually crazy crowded, and again, things for the non-nappers to do. HOP is a relatively long show in a dark cool theater.

But if you want “real” rest, resorts are the best bet. From MK you can easily get to the CR, Poly, and GF, all of which have quieter places to rest.

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I’d consider incorporating your lunch into your rest time. Instead of lunching in the park and then leaving for a quiet spot, leave before lunch and eat outside the chaos. Depends on the park. But if MK, go eat at one of the monorail resorts and hang out there. Epcot, it’s a bit easier to eat in the park before heading out, so many options. From HS, eat at Beach or dolphin/Swan perhaps.

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Hall of Presidents in MK. Cool, dark theater, and hardly a wait to get in. Can get a power nap there if you so desire.

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We found a TS lunch a great rest for everyone. Also just buying an ice cream and finding a stone to sit on.

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At MK, I’d recommend a quick walk to the contemporary, then up to the convention level as a great quiet space. Anyone who doesn’t mind floors will probably find plenty of space to nap, and I think there may be benches there too.

At EP, if you need an indoor space, there’s a hallway inside Innovations West, where there’s a hallway next to Club Cool that leads to restrooms and eventually back outside towards Imagination! that is usually very quiet, and has a few benches as well.

At HS, your best bet may be the courtyard outside One Man’s Dream, as the entrance to TSMM on that side will be closed and you may find some space there.

At AK, I might make a run to AKL for your break.

There are benches near Test Track. Some of it is shaded enough to relax for a little bit.

From Epcot, walk to the BC and go to the solarium. Unless there are activities scheduled in there it is lovely and peaceful.

Or curl up in the Canadian gardens, or the UK. Pity Circle of Life is closed.

In MK, I would see if the rocking chairs near HOP are free. Or head to one of the resorts. Even WL, head upstairs and see if any of the chairs are free up above the main door.