Best place to request Uber pickup at CBR

Is there an especially good spot to request a pickup at Caribbean Beach, or should we just stick with the lobby?

I have not used Uber at CBR but friends have and they were picked-up at their room area loop near the parking lot. The told Uber they were at Jamaica and that is where the driver came to.


Convenient! Thanks.

useful info to me as well, thank you! :slight_smile:

I will be there in April and plan to use Uber. I can post an update to let you all know how it works for us.

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I’ll be there tomorrow! I’ll update you. :wink:


Super! Thanks!

We’re heading down there on Friday and I was wondering the same thing since I’d heard that it’s sometimes difficult for drivers to get into the resorts.

Most of the ubers have to pick up at the lobby regardless of where you drop the pin. We did this at Coronado recently and although the uber app showed they were coming to our building we ended up having the run to the lobby since the gate person wouldn’t let the uber past. Best bet is to plan to get picked up at the lobby and avoid having to jog to find the uber.

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Seriously, we’ve been here since Monday and the bus service has been great. Haven’t been tempted to try uber a single time yet! However we’re going to DS tonight and the chart in UG shows a big discrepency between drive time and bus time so I think we’ll try it then.

Anyway, just wanted to mention to all future CBR’ers that the buses are nothing to fear. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reassurance about the buses at CBR. I have read some good, bad, and ugly about them. We will be staying there in March. Keep us posted if you end up using Uber. We will be for sure one morning to make it to a breakfast reservation at BCR.

Based on what’s happened this week I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Our two RD days (EP & MK) we left our room only an hour before park open and still walked on to our first ride (Soarin and Meet Rapunzel).

We didn’t even use uber for DS last night, as it turns out. The bus was had a 5 minute wait posted so we decided to hop on. Total trip less than 20 minutes.

We’ll use uber to get to our next hotel but for that we’ll be at the front desk anyway because we’re going to leave our luggage there while we spend our last day at the park. So I can’t update on getting them to pick up at your hotel building after all.

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Thanks so much for the update Natalie! We will be there during Easter. I know from past experience that crowds that week will be crazy. Which section did you stay in while at CBR?

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