Best place to have breakfast near MK

My dear Disney Gurus
I am staying at Contemporary Resort with my 28yr old daughter and would like to book a breakfast on our departure day…
Right now I have Trails End booked, but I was wondering is Whispering Canyon a better choice? Or should I be looking at something at Poly, Contemporary or Grand Floridian?

I’ve been horribly disappointed w/ WC recently, but others love it. All three others listed are great choices for breakfast!

If you’re travelling soon California Grill is currently hosting breakfast while the Wave is being remodeled. That would 100% be my choice. Kona and Grand Floridian Cafe would round out my top 3.


Right now? You should be booking that breakfast at The Wave… currently being served at CG


Should have just said, “ditto”


We did Kona Cafe at Poly for breakfast in December the morning of our stay in BLT. Tonga Toast was my wife’s favorite food item of our entire trip. I got the Macadamia Nut pancakes, which were superb…but for me, the highlight was the side of ham. I want to go back just for the ham!


I will second Kona Cafe. Loved the food and loved the price even more!

“Cali Wave” mash up for sure if I were staying at Contemporary. It’s getting great reviews.

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Thank you all for some great advice.
Following up…
The Wave will be closed when I am there (mid Sept)
Right now I have changed my res to Grand Floridian Cafe, and I have a reservation request alert for Kona. If by chance one comes up, how can I get to Poly from Contempory when the monorail is not stopping at Poly? Is there a boat?

The Wave is closed, but they are serving the Wave breakfast up at CG… so it should be available.

The Poly monorail station is scheduled to reopen in mid-August.


If the monorail isn’t opened as scheduled you can

  1. take monorail to TTC and walk to Poly or
  2. take monorail to MK, get off and hop the boat to Poly or
  3. you can walk to MK, to GF, to Poly.
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also an option is monorail to GF and walk to Poly

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I wonder which one is the shortest walk?
The longest would be CR to Poly via GF :wink:

Another option is to walk from CR to MK, then take the boat to Poly.

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You can find the Wave breakfast on Disney’s site. The web page for dining shows it as “The Wave…Breakfast Served at California Grill.”

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