Best place for a Proposal?

My daughter is hoping that her boyfriend will propose to her when we take our family trip the first week of December. Assuming he asks me, where would you suggest he do it. My daughter does not want any characters involved but does what a Photo Pass person available? We are staying off property and will go to all four parks.

Well the classic is obviously in front of the castle. Loads of photographers there, and if there are a group of you, it would be easy to whisper to them that it was going to happen so they were prepared.

Epcot might be nice too, there are some beautiful gardens, and if they have any link to a specific country (like their first holiday was in France etc) that would be a nice link. Not sure about the photographers though.

Really in December you will be spoilt for choice, with everywhere decorated.

There are the memory share photographers positioned in front of most of the major photo opportunities in Epcot

Such as having a photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background etc

I like the idea of the Disney Castle though

Or of course there’s always

“The Tower of Terror” at Hollywood studios!



Thanks, I don’t remember ever seeing photographers in the countries, we’ve never had any photos there.

A few years ago the 1st week of December at Mickey’s Christmas Party we were sitting about halfway up main street waiting for the parade to start. It must have been fairly early because it was still light out. The street was pretty clear as the parade was starting soon. A couple somehow appeared in the middle of the street with several photo pass people who were definitely in on the surprise- but the girl had no idea what was happening. When it became evident that the man was proposing the crowd went crazy, the girl starting crying - it was so sweet! The pictures must have been amazing. Hard to say no to that!


(If you have access) During an am emh so there’s less ppl.

EMM would be ideal, but I’m not sure if there’s Photopass folks near the castle during emm, seems like there should be. I’d assume any CM would be happy to grab his phone and take 30 pictures. Perhaps two tickets for emm, and meeting them in mk later that morning - if it’s offered during your trip?

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They are definitely there during EMM!

So I am bit confused? Are you asking on the behalf of the boyfriend?

I say start in the castle…and tell him to get down on a knee every photo opportunity so in the end you will have a whole photo album of proposals all over the park.


If you let a PhotoPass photographer know they can either accompany you to another location or tell you where a rover is so they can take you pretty much anywhere. I am hesitant to say do it in front of the castle because that’s not exactly unique. Also, if possible do it during the day. Photopass flashes can only do so much with pictures. Especially if people are excited and jumping up and down, the photos will be blurry. Also at night photopass photographers are restricted to keeping their camera on the tripod. Therefore, the pictures won’t be nearly as dynamic as you would hope.

What about Cinderella’s wishing well? That is a little more secluded and you can still see the castle in the background. I don’t think there is photographer there but maybe if he talked to a CM about what he wants to do they can try and make it happen. Or you could be ready with a camera.

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I would suggest a group photo have the couple in the middle, while everyone is posed have the young man ask and snap the picture.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little strange to assume he will ask for your input?


That was where I was thinking as soon as I read the OP’s post.

Or at the waterfront at Italy, aka by the gondolas. Or in France, by the bridge so as to get the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Yes. My daughter seems to think he’ll ask me about it. I personally doubt it.

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Good point. My daughter seems to think he might.

I was thinking the same thing.

So I don’t know the whole story - bu let me throw this out there. As the person ASKING many years ago - and grateful for the YES response - I have to tell you - the Proposal is the ONE THING that the guy has control over. Now as you noted “assuming he asks me” was very nice in the opening - but please let this be “assuming he asks”

As I am traditional and now a father of a girl - I asked for permission and I expect my daughter’s prince charming to ask my wife and I for permission as well.

Please also remember that this is HIS moment. The WEDDING is ALL ABOUT the Bride as well as it should be - but the proposal is his moment to shine / express himself. He is in the vulnerable position of asking someone to be his partner for the rest of his life - this needs to be all him.

As classic as the Castle is - I feel it is a bit less impersonal. I would suggest something a bit more personal. Perhaps there is a place in one of the countries in Epcot. Perhaps at one of the hotels, Grand Floridian. Perhaps the Castle as that is her dream (although it is on him - we should always know what SHE wants and will make her happy). I asked mine at 38,000 ft over the loudspeaker on a plane (obviously before 911).


I agree totally. He has only been to WDW once and I have gone a lot so he might ask me. My daughter is just covering all the basis. She wants to be surprised, sort of, but also be in control. They are going to have an interesting first couple of years. They have already picked out a ring. Seems a little backward to me.


Good ideas. Our first full day will be at Epcot.

She does love the TOT