Best Pin Trading Locations

DD is really into trading. When I asked what 5 things she wanted to do on our trip this summer, her #1 item was pin trading. She’ll do it with random cast members, but I’m just wondering if there are any must stop places. TIA.

In Epcot near the big fountain there is an open air pin shop and lots of trading goes on in that location.

I would suggest that you mount her pins on kind of like an apron. That way traders and CM’s will know she is into pin trading and she will have no problem finding people to trade with.

Here are some great spots:
The Starbucks at Epcot has a big board
The Norway and Canada KidCot spots
The Frontierland Trading Post and the carts around Tommorrowland at MK
Restaurantosaurus and the Dinosaur attraction at AK
The Pin Drum in the gift shop of Rock n Roller Coaster

and, of course, almost every store / shop worker has one… try to find the out of the way ones, like the photo shop clerk at Buzz Lightyear, the stroller return attendants, or the popcorn/ snack carts off the main drags. They don’t get much attention and they are always super happy to have people to interact with. Good luck!