Best Photo Op Spots in The Parks?

Would love to hear everyone’s two or three favorite photo op spots (not counting the on-ride photopasses, etc). I’ll throw a few out to get started, in MK:

  1. The Carousel-side of the castle in the afternoon when it is lit from behind
  2. Purple wall near space mountain (not any big secret, I know)
  3. (If you have little kids–) running through Casey’s fountains.

Who else has some good ones?

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this may be slightly ‘cheating’ because it was a photo pass photographer. But we got a picture near the tea-cups, with the fireworks going off above them. Great picture :slight_smile:


In Magic Kingdom, I would skip the fireworks one night and go take a photo in front of the Beast’s castle with the fireworks going off behind you. We happened upon this shot on a night that mainstreet and the hub hit capacity and we couldn’t get in to see the fireworks. Also, you would have to be super quick, but there is a great shot of the castle just as you are cresting the big drop on Splash Mountain. That would make for a great shot! I haven’t ever been able to grab it because I’m clinging to my phone for dear life.


The walk into WS in EPCOT, looking across at Imagination pavilion. Extra points with a monorail going by, extra extra points at sunset.

In AK, walking toward EE when it first appears in distance over the water (such great forced perspective)

MK walking back toward the hub from the TL side, especially at twilight or after the castle is lit up for the night.

Extra credit: walking across the bridge to Centertown at CBR at sunrise. The resorts are so beautiful early in the morning.


Love these! Thanks!

People who can manage this are MVP’s. I was clinging to the seat in front of me for dear life with my eyes closed…

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