Best parks for Genie+

Ok so this is my first trip back to Disney since 2019. I was a pro with fastpass and love making touring plans so now trying to read up and learn everything about genie+. My first dilemma is since we have 4 people with 7 day park tickets, we won’t be able to purchase genie+ everyday even though I really want to! So I am trying to decide which days will be better for genie+ and when we can go without. Sounds like Magic Kindgom is always a good choice as there are lots of options. How would you rate the other parks? I plan to rope drop them all but my family may not always make that possible.


HS–do it.

Epcot–you can get by without it. Same for AK.


HS and MK are good parks to use it at. AK and Epcot less so.

But with 7 days in the parks you honestly could go without it at all the parks. Especially if you RD.


We had one day each park & decided to as follows:

HS- Absolutely, no questions asked & worth it.

EP- Yes but only because Remy, FEA & Test Track were all high priorities for us. With a good RD and/or single rider strategy you wouldn’t need it. It did help us avoid any wait for Spaceship Earth in peak hours, but again, that can be planned to avoid without paying. I don’t know that I would do G+ again for EP, but would if I were hopping to another park where it was more beneficial.

MK- It’s a good park for it BUT we also go to DLR frequently and there’s a lot of overlap between original DL & MK and to me it wasn’t worth paying to see such similar rides to what I can use my pass at DLR on the next weekend trip. Because 7Dwarves is unique to MK we did pay the ILL price for it & just did standby for everything else we wanted in MK.

AK- We only paid the ILL price for Flight of Passage & just looked for good standby waits or did single rider (for Everest) in between wandering & enjoying the general ambiance.


Thanks for the feedback. I was originally trying to plan HS without genie+ since I am assuming you don’t need them for shows. I think I will originally plan to use genie+ for HS, 1 or 2 days at MK and maybe whichever park we only do one day EK or AK. But lets be honest I am most likely going to have 2 plans made for each day based on using genie + or not then can decide if its worth it depending if its $15 or $35 that day.


I like an abundance of plans

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If you can enter Epcot at IG and be there 30 minutes before EE you can rope drop Remy, FEA, then Soarin and Spaceship Earth. I did all those by 9:45 on a 8:30 EE day. Single rider TT. Epcot can be done without G+.

I’d get it for MK and DHS.


Personally, I would plan very similar. 1 day at HS with G+. 2 days at MK but only 1 with G+. That day, focus on the rides that have the most benefit from an LL. The second day, focus on “anytime” rides and shows. Plus, you can still hit a couple E-ticket rides with RD on that day. I would make AK my 1 day, G+ or not. You could just purchase the ILL for FoP and RD Navi, KS, EE and Dino in that order and take the rest of the day slow (no G+ really needed). I love 2 days at EP. And RD 2 E-ticket rides each day and the rest of it should be smooth sailing. I guess it depends on how much time you are willing to wait. My max is about 15-20 mins. But, I’ve only ever had to buy G+ for 2 ppl on 3 days. 7x4x$35… and, yeah, definitely time to question when it’s worth it.

We did a 9 day trip in August 22 and skipped G+ for the first day at each park. I added it for HS, Epcot (TT kept breaking down and it is a must for youngest). I also added it the final 2 days at MK because we were just tired and didn’t want to wait in lines anymore. Turns out we were in the early days of COVID, although I think 9 WDW days was too many for us.

Just came back from 4/20-23 park days, and did G+ all 4 days. The first Epcot day was only a partial park day due to a school performance at DS, so we used it pack more in. MK is a G+ necessity for a 1 day. AK/Epcot Sat allowed us to do two parks, and HS was pretty crowded on Sunday, so I feel it was worth it all 4 days. It helped that the price dropped across the trip. $20 on Thu, $18Fr/Sa, and down to $15 by Sun, if I recall.

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