Best park for when don't have early entry?

OK, I’ve finally come to a decision on off-site or on-site. I decided to just cut the knot and do a bit of both.

There will be a two days where we won’t have early entry. But we will have G+ and park hoppers for every day. Also, plan to take lunch-ish breaks everyday.

Which park should I reserve for those days? We have 10-day tickets, so it can be the same for both.

Depends on whether you care about the headliners. I would say MK. I thought space mountain and 7dmt were easy to get a short wait for during the fireworks. AK and Epcot are also options if you don’t care about FOP,TT or Soarin first thing in the morning.

EE is a huge benefit in HS.

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Hehe. This kind of reminds me the line from the song from Into the Woods.

“Then from out of the blue
And without any guide
You know what your decision is
Which is not to decide”



We want to do everything. Hence the 10-day tickets. But, yes, to headliners.

We did all the headliners (except FEA as my boys weren’t interested) in 6 park days and only 1 day of G+ to stack for an evening park. Some of the headliners we did more than once. I think you will be fine doing MK, AK or Epcot on you 2 non EE days.

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OK, so plan on MK and starting in an area that isn’t open for EE?

With G+, HS seems like a good afternoon park since the G+ times will be in the afternoon anyway.