Best Park for Character Meet & Greets

Which WDW park has the most/best meet and greets? How are the lines, particularly in summer? Suggestions or tips for character experiences?

Hmm, good question. Epcot has lots of opportunities in WS. Every park has characters, and their whereabouts are listed in the Times Guide.

it depends on who your group likes to meet. I would check out Kenny the Pirate’s site. He’s pretty much the authority on meet and greets!

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Definitely use Kenny the Pirate. If you can try to hit up a Characterpalooza in HS if you can. Great experience!

Yeah, what @youareallweirdos said. I actually typed a big long response but then saw Kenny the Pirate. KTP used to be a hardcore liner and his website is pretty solid.

If you rope drop the character spot in Epcot and are the first ones there, you can get a picture with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy together before they separate to their own sections.

Epcot has a lot of these, including around World Showcase, but they are tricky to plan for, since lines can get very long and sometimes get cut off before a character goes on break. I don’t have the answer for when to get in line, but study the times that the characters will be “on” (this is on the daily times guide, but for advance planning, Kenny the Pirate is the best source of that information) and plan to line up before the character’s break is over.

Magic Kingdom has characters all around and they’re not as spread out as in Epcot, but other than those in Town Hall and Princess Fairytale Hall, you’ll also have to study the break times ahead of time to figure out when you’ll need to line up to meet most characters.

Unfortunately, character meets get really busy and they take a lot of planning to get the most out of them. I agree with those who suggest figuring out who you really want to meet first, then figuring out what park has more of the characters you want to see.

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